Brute Force

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    The blower Bentley is one of the most fabled Bentley's ever produced. They only made 51, and it is funny how it has risen to power as a heavy hitting collector car. It didn't do what it was designed to do at first (in LeMans, it failed to finish, leting an older 3-liter Bentley take the checkered flag), but is still one of the most famous Bentley's ever produced. W.O., like Ettoire Bugatti, didn't like forced induction, but surrcomb o it anyway when the Italians and Germans started to use it. Fortunately for Bentley, the Speed Six would take care of the blowers, but beautiful Blower Bentley's would live on forever, with they're wire mesh grilles and front moutned, exposed superchargers.
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    One of the few english cars that I like. Imagine driving another car and when you look in the mirror, you see this monster comming to you.
    I think that the huge size was for intimidation too <IMG SRC="">

    I always liked Bentleys for their filosofy: W.O. made them huge and when performance was needed he put a big engine in them

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