Bud Light "Drinkability"

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by gerbel01, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. Do those ads piss anyone else off? Its like they're totally throwing the taste argument out of the window in favor of saying its easy to drink. And what does that even mean?
  2. Dunno what the ad is exactly, all I know is it has a drinkability rating of 0 for me.
  3. it means they've made a beer with very little flavour, because the actual flavour of the beer is disgusting. its basically water and alcohol with a slight beer flavour.
  4. piss water
  5. i can drink budlite when im already buzzed. never my first beer though. its basically kind of gross water that keeps you buzzed/makes you drunker. at least its cheap
  6. its basically appealing to all the people who think beer is icky
  7. I'll never get why people think bud is disgusting. I don't think it's a high quality product, or delicious. Just something cheap and easy to sip on while you're having a good time. Seems like people just put up with the horrible taste of some popular beers so that they can be trendy too, and trash bud because they try to judge it as something it isn't.
  8. what horrible tasting popular beers? bud IS a horrible tasting popular beer. MGD is the only decent tasting domestic beer to my knowledge.
  9. I only drink it when I go to a bar cause it is cheap as hell. But then again I go to a bar maybe once a year.
  10. sam adams stupid
  11. pabst blue ribbon is great if you dont like it get off my lawn
  12. Yes, I look down my nose at those drinking bud, as I sip from my high society busch light. Seriously, bud is one of the worst of the cheap domestics, its got a funk to it that I don't enjoy.
  13. and it tastes totally different/awesome out of a bottle.

    obviously, only piss-water pilsners are made in the US. micro brews are nonexistent.
  14. Yuengling and sam adams are pretty good domestics.
  15. just bought some to hang out with the bud light in my minifridge with the mickey's 40.
  16. How often do you drink budlight? It doesn't taste horrible, it's almost got no taste at all. I don't find it delicious, but not gross either. I have a feeling most drinkers here have always heard budlight was the worst thing ever, maybe had one (my first WAS god awful), and left that at that.
  18. if youre sober its definitely not pleasant
  19. Bud Light is quality stuff compared to what I drink.

    Beer 30. Comes in purple cans and cost $9.87 for a 24 pack lol!
  20. I dont consider them a domestic beer in the way that miller, bud, coors etc are.
    IMO theyre a huge microbrewery.
  21. God why? budlite is like 4 dollars more
  22. I find very few beers actually pleasant completely sober.
  23. sam adams boston lager
  24. That's 4 cheesy double beef burritos from taco bell
  25. I believe ive just been outAmericaned

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