Bugatti Veyron-based Sedan?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by naranhito, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. because the project didn't get the go-ahead other vag brands started using its aclaimed design cues
  2. because the project didn't get the go-ahead other vag brands started using its aclaimed design cues
  3. Bugatti W16 mini-van would be awesome.
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  7. Lets hope it will be less ugly than the Veyron.
  8. the second one is very similar to flyng spur. I think the designers had that car in their mind, or maybe the designers are the same
  9. would save VW a lot of money just to adopt the Veyron�s W16 engine and tp put it into the Flying Spur
  10. I surely hope Bugatti would go for a Giugiaro designed Bugatti for the big sedan; I find his designs way better than VW's; and the EB112 is quite simply the best looking sedan in the last 25 years, thus th� starting point for this new car...
  11. nice looking family, I would say.
  12. Back in the days, I thought the Veyronw as the best looking of the design concepts they were bombarding with at every motorshow. Now I am thinking the Chiron looks fantastic!

    Knowing VW/Audi, they probably wont build a unique car even for Bugatti. Its probably more likely that they will build it off a platform that can also be shared with the next gen Flying Spur and Pheaton. I think they are trying to make Bugatti into some kind of technology spearhead of the VW/Audi group. Bugatti's technology will eventually trickle down like that rumor that said the W16 will find it's way down to a Lamborghini.
  13. yucks. well i guess we should have seen this coming
  14. What coming? A sedan? Would be awesome in my opinion.
  15. Yeah, an exclusive limo
  16. VAG needs to stop looking at profits so much.
  17. I really like the Chiron. It needed some polishing, but I always preferred it to the Veyron.

    But seriously, how exactly would you go about basing, as the thread title suggests, a luxury limosine off a compact mid-engined hypercar? Using the same engine is hardly the same as the car being "Veyron-based". I'm not adverse to the idea of a Bugatti saloon, but hell, they bujilt the Veyron from scratch and in this market they can't afford to not do the same with a similarly priced saloon.
  18. seeing as they produce the veyron at a loss just to keep their word, i dont think thats the case.
  19. By whoring out such a special engine to anythng other than Bugatti?

    I;m not against a Bugatti saloon. I hope they do one, and well, but whoring out the 16.4 engine does no good. IN another Bugatti, OK. In a Lambo? No. Lamborghini needs to stay V12 for the flagship, or the brand identity is lost.

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