Bugatti Veyron SuperSport *pics*

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  2. shut up, you can have fun doing a turn at 60 mph or even less and theres nothing to argue about the post you quoted
  3. I'm not ruining shit, just stating what will happed.
  4. too bad everything you stated, never happened
  5. It always does. When I first learned that CCX will be featured on TopGear, I already knew it would set a new lap record. The much more track focused Agera will not just best the current lap record, it will shit on it.
  7. How is it anymore track focused? The main changes are a new interior and some updated styling.
  8. The agera is much more track focused than the CCX? I thought the CCX was the ultimate track focused car.
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  10. 3x the downforce of CCX
    new 30ms 7 speed gearbox
    1.6g lateral grip
    over 1000nm available from 2680 to 6100 rpm
  11. if the Agera is ever raced on the top gear track, I guarantee it will not run with the apollo. In fact, it may not run with the veyron ss given the acceleration numbers that have been posted and that 1500nm and awd do a lot to make up for the poundage
  12. lol the Apollo that's .5 sec quicker than a pre production CCX? gtfo. Like I said, I don't see anything that will be able to challenge the Agera, especially not some 2 ton GT car.
  13. pre production lol

    The ccx is merely and updated CCR which is and updated CC8S which is an updated CC. pre production my ass
  14. Well i saw an Agera in real life the other weekend, and now i know why its low end performance is so shit. From the moment the driver pressed the gas, till the moment the car started moving properly, there was a several second delay. He slammed the gas, the engine revved up loudly and the car started moving at a relaxed pace, then after a second or two, it started to move quickly. Its like there is no power at low revs and the engine is waiting for massive turbo lag. It was quite shocking how bad it was actually, it had much slower response than every single other car at goodwood.
  15. 1000nm is way too much for a rwd car.
  16. That sucks to hear.
  17. you've been saying this bs for years now and it's always the opposite of what the road testers have said about the power delivery. I can easily tell just by watching a few vids of it at goodwood that the driver was easy on the throttle off the line to avoid lighting up the tires. Justin Bell also got to drive the car and will have the video out soon, can't wait for it.
  18. The drivers were trying to light up the tyres, because i was actually there and saw it in person, i didnt read it on a 'segg press release. The driver on his run down the hill (not up) tried to light up his tyres like every other driver, and the engine took so long to spool up, that by the time he could get the wheels spinning he had to break because he was already in the back of the other cars. It was all noise and no go till it was too late. This thing has the response of an ocean liner. I guess thats what happens when you try and squeeze 1000hp out of 4.7L.
  19. Maybe it wasn't well broken in.
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    "The drivers were trying to light up the tyres" lol, they wouldn't need to try.

    you're just making yourself sound stupid with so many vids like this on the net.

    and that's just an 806bhp CCR
  21. See even the koiengesssshit fanboi thinks it's shit
  22. I wanna drive a koienegXXXsegsihtiterhos CCr8xsA directly into RagingBalls
  23. Look, RB, two things. One, you have completely and utterly ruined the Koenigsegg for most people on this site, which is quite a feat considering it's a pretty cool car in its own right. Second, how about you shut the #$%# up until anything with a Koenigsegg badge gets a lap record (or even a good lap) on a major track?
  24. One day, I wish to buy a koenigsegg only to destroy it in front of Raging Bull.
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    Until you see one IRL, why dont you reserve judgment, if i have time ill try and post the video i have of it.

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