Bugatti vs...wait, where's the competition? oh that's right, the

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    Lie, bugatti sold out all 300 veyrons that they plan to make over the next 4 years in weeks. As for the governer you speak of, that varies on the country you're importing it to. And the fool saying that I didn't watch the race in Philadelphia is free to accuse me of lying, but it's kind of hard for me to say I wasn't there when I was; along with thousands of others.
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    Ummmm....has anyone even considered how much Veyrons cost?I'd expect any car that costs over 500,000 dollars to meet every performance and luxury desire I can think of.This is what I heard:something around $1,000,000+.
    I hardly believe anyone would make any street-legal car that would cost even $900,000,but that's what I heard.EVEN taking supply and demand into consideration,I wouldn't expect that.Plus the looks of this car are great but overrated.I'm kinda partial to the Cadillac 16
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    BTW what I think is wrong with the looks is it looks like the designer started on the rear end of the car and fell asleep half-way through.Then he drew the front end up while he was sleeping and was too lazy to change it.I'm not saying this car sucks but if I wrecked this car no one could tell because the front end is smashed in right off the lot.I mean,look at the third screenshot.Does that look like a complete car?

    LOL kind of dangerous posting this in Bugatti's own territory.Oh,well....

    It's very....unique-looking.Kind of like an SSR just not domestic.
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    Are we talkin stock vs. stock or $$$ vs equal $$$.Cause any car would beat the hell out of this thing if given so much money to work with.FYI:this car was not really designed to perform.If it was Bugatti would have gotten more hp out of it (and risk its remaining street-legal but let's put that aside).It was designed to make money for the company.That was its sole purpose.Which is going to make more money?A car with 1000+ hp or a car with 750 hp?Which will impress people the most:A big engine or a small engine?If it was not designed to make money why do they jack the cost up so much people like you and me will NEVER be able to own it (a fact I would REALLY like to stress)?
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    i agree with defribulator and caddy girl. the bugattis are the most gorgeous cars ever. im a buggati enthusiast. im 16, and ive rode in almost every differnt make of buggati. there use of symmetry with the combination of curves make them the most gorgeous cars ever. id sell my own mother just to own a 1935 bugatti type 5s7c atlantic.these cars are innovative and original, charismatic and sexy. ANYONE thats trys to dis bugatti on ANY level is seriously out of there mind and should seek mental help immediatly. and im not even gonna get started on the engine. lets just say most 16 yr olds fantisize about supermodels. I fantisize about an engine like this
  6. koingsagg ccr comes close and NO TURBOS
  7. ccr has a 4.7L supercharged v8 andhave 806hp,top speed 390km+ 0-60 under 3.2
  8. I agree on some things, like the veyron is the fastest car in the world.

    but hey, it still has competition, or did you forget the Koenigsegg CCR ?.

    well the CCR is 195hp weaker, but has better aerodynamics.

    This hits 403 km/h at a straightaway, Koenigsegg hits 388 km/h at Nardo, when you drive 350 km/h & up you have to turn the steeringwheel pretty much, wich creates friction, on a straight the CCR is estimated to hit 395+ km/h, wich could be 396 km/h, but it may also be 405 km/h or 410 km/h.

    but i don't think it would hit 410 km/h, but 400 km/h is reachable.


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