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  2. you REEEEALY like buicks don't you?
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    how fast are they stock in the 1/4 mile? i've sen a few modified ones run strong numbers.
  4. 1987 GNX 13.5
    1987 GN 13.9
  5. for the GNX it hasnt had really had a solid number, it has ran all numbers from 13.7-13 flat, the 13 flat has had doubts that, they used high octane and a few ther things have been done to it

    These ar the numbers I have see in diffent sites for stock GNX

    13.3( I think)

    Its weird and Regular Gns have done low 14s to high 13s, So I dunno
  6. YEP, I guess because My first and current car is a Buick, and my next one will either be a 1989 Camaro Iroc Z or a Pontiac Firebird V6 Turbo(3.8 liter Turbo, like the Grand National) and after that Im gonna get a low 11 second Grand National
  7. My all time favorite car I want town though is a 1979 Pontiac Trans am with a Blown 454 in there or naturally aspirated 572 V8!
  8. I was talking to a guy who lives down the block from me about tuning yesterday, and he mentioned in passing that he has a Grand National in storage. I had no idea, so hopefully I'll get to see it in the near future.
  9. It just depends on weather conditions, the track itself, the driver, quality of tires, etc.
  10. The last great Buick
  11. 11.979!!! Turbo Pushrod V6? And that was in 1989! You r!cer loosers.
  12. I wish Buick would come out with a new GNX, it would improve their status greatly if they pulled it off right.
  13. no new GNX or GN would do the old ones justice.
  14. Well, this is gonna sound stupid, but since the Velite and Camaro will share the same platform, maybe it's not out of the question.
  15. I disagree, Turbocharge the 3.6L caddy engine and make it run low 13's, with a maybe slightly retro look, it would sell well.
  16. That would be good and all, but here is the thing, those cars ran 13s in the 1980s. My piont is that it wouldn't be able to match that type of feat, and therefore it would not do the old cars justice.
  17. what was in 1989? The GNX was in 1987 and it was 13 flat(the best recorded time), SO maybe you are talking about another car, perhaps the Pontiac Firebird Turbo 1989?? the 20th anniversary?
  18. This must be that car you keep talking about GNX. The one were you said it can beat a Skyline.
  19. Buick GNX is my favorite 1980's American car
  20. The 80's was a period in American vehicle design that should best be left in the past.
  21. except The GNX
  22. And the Monte Carlo SS, and all the other G-bodys.
  23. And the F bodies, 80s was a major turn around point for them. I still think the first fuel injected f bods are the best for my tastes.
  24. I don't think any one era should be recreated, just certain automobiles that were good and have the potential to come back and be good too.

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