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  1. how many people fly in and fly out without catching the animal they came to catch
    do you have any celebrities come through
  2. The fishing is hit and miss sometimes.
    The hunters almost always get the species they want. Just not always the size they were after. We have been guiding the area for so long that we have pretty much figured out where we can find any species at any time. Just again not always as big of an animal as they wanted.
    We are fully booked into the 2018 season now. And we do get the odd celebrity. Kevin Costner is an avid fisherman. He has been up a few times. Dick Cheney has been up lots. We have had the CEOs of Coors and Budweiser. We have had all sorts of hunting and fishing tv show stars up. And the guy from the show River Monsters. Tom Cruise was probably the biggest Celebrity movie star that came up. Spent two days fishing then left.
    Paul Walker was a regulag. He was up a few times a year. He and my brother were very close.
    But the vast majority of our clients are rich American business men.
  3. The only "celebrities" I have personally spent any time with up there was Paul Walker and Dick Cheney. Another one is Lani Waller who is a writer and famous fisherman. But if you aren't a real avid fisherman you've probably never heard of him

    We also always get a first and second choice of game the hunters would like to get. Just in case.
  4. Does your family have like 100 members?
  5. If you manage to "accidentally" shoot Dick Cheney, you deserve 9 million dollars. That guy's an asshole.
  6. Poast a picture of this.

    Is there a road connection? And a landing strip nearby?
  7. The new one is fully road accessible. It's only about 1 hour drive outside of Terrace British Columbia. I haven't been there yet. So I don't have many photos of it. But a website will be up soon.

    Yes my family is huge. But they are all owned and operated officially by my brother, his wife and her dad. But most of the our immediate family member have chipped in on paying for it all.
  8. Well your lodges can't be total shitholes if ppl like Tom Cruise have visited them. Must be nice to have a chance to spend time im them yourself!

    Are there any shrooms in the surrounding forests?

    Do you have any options available for a poor pleb like myself?
  9. This is our main fly in lodge.

    This is my brother flying a Wilga spatsizi2013_karly_(91)__large.jpg

    This is the only photo I have of the new lodge so far
  10. Oi nice

    Are there tons of mosquitos?

    Do you have to bring your own guns?

    Are there custom hunting packages, for, say hunting amanita mushrooms with an AGS-17?
  11. Our fly in hunting lodge is open to anybody. But the entry level cost for one week is 7500$ Cad. For a basic caribou hunt. Everything is included except your trip to Smithers BC. And any taxaton your government puts on out of country hunts. And if you want to take the animal back with you.
    An american hunter can pay upwards of 60000$ once it's all said and done if they want to take the animal back with them.
    But the US puts huge taxes and tariffs on in porting the meat and pelts and fees on their citizens hunting out of country

    Edit: lots of mosquitos. And yes we do provide rifles to borrow if needed. But there are a shit ton of hoops to jump through. And they have to be legal in Canada rifles.
  12. Another shot of the main lodge

    The interior of a guest cabin
  13. 60k wtf

    For that price I'd expect sexual pleasures from the caribou... As well as a badger/snek/trash panda exotic dance coreography

    Also way out of my price range lol
  14. What you do with the carcasse is up to you. I don't judge.
    60k isn't necessarily what you'd pay. That's just an example of an American who wants to fill his freezer with the meat and take the skull, antlers and pelt to have mounted or whatever.

    If you want to do the hunt and donate the meat to the locals that saves a huge amount of money.

    Edit: like I said. Our main clientele there is filthy rich American business men. They get the hunt with 4 star amenities.

    Fishing and photography packages are also available and significantly cheaper.
  15. Wait, so there is a fee the US charges just to hunt there?
  16. Yes. For an American citizen to hunt in Canada. The fee is fairly small if you don't want to import the animal back. But if you want to bring any part of it back they charge a significant fee.
  17. Can we organize a gettogether there without the hunting? just host us on vacation.
  18. Lol that's crazy. How the hell would they even know if I went hunting? And typical government trying to nickel and dime people.
  19. Because you have to register to hunt. Any animal you shoot you have to have a hunting tag for that gets registered in your name and submitted to the Canadian government. They then pass it along to your government for legal purposes. And to make sure if the animal is being imported/exported back to the US it is done properly for disease control and what not.
  20. This is why NL has very little hunting tourists.
  21. It could theoretically be done yes. But it'd depend on time of year and what amenities are expected.
  22. We'd have to evacuate the wounded by plane! Probably more practical + 100x cheaper to do this someplace other than Beaver **** Falls, ass end of Canada.
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  23. I expect all amenities for free. You seem wealthy and we're family!
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  24. /jew
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  25. I already ranted about the operating costs but I wanna rant some more.

    From wiki:

    "In 2000 Qantas were quoted a price of US$12.85 million per Trent 900. In 2012 Skymark Airlines signed a contract for 24 Trent 900s including long-term service support at a cost of US$1 billion (approx. US$46.7 million per engine)."

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