Bye Bye 911, the Porsche Cayman RSR is coming!

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by rabbitl1, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. I've heard from some generally pretty reliable sources that Porsche has come to the realization that the 911 has reached the end of its development as a GT car. That being said, Porsche will likely end its many decade run of building 911 race cars in favor of the Cayman. It's not sure when exactly this would take effect, or if the Cayman would take over for every form of race car Porsche currently makes a 911 for, but enjoy the 911 while you can, because to the world's disbelief, it won't be around forever.
  2. wut?!

    I hope your sources are right. I agree that the 911 has gone about as far as it can go with the GT2.
  3. interesting
  4. I can't imagine Porsche as a brand without a 911 in the line up.
  5. 911 will always be there. Come on, Cayman is nothing more than a Boxster with a hard top, except that I'd take Cayman over boxster anyday..
  6. the Cayman is a much better platform for racing than the 911. if you put the same engine in both cars the Cayman would be faster.

    I don't think the 911 is going anywhere but I definately think there will be a shift in power in the Porsche range.
  7. This has been said and predicted numerous times. I'll believe it when I see it.
  8. The commentators alluded to this during Sebring.
  9. Rear engine means no proper diffuser, which under current regulations means compromise.
  10. The 911 will still be there, it just won't be the basis for the brand's racing anymore.
  11. Being in the GT2 class prevents you from using a proper diffuser anyways...
  12. I was going to say the same thing. This would be a huge thing for Porsche to do.
  13. hmmm touche
  14. I, for one, think the Cayman looks better than both the Boxster and the 911.
  16. Well, there's already some non official Cayman racers and they seem to be doing pretty good.
  17. Wow. That would be huge. i understand why but i thought they could just keep on making the 911 evolve and evolve .....
  18. I've said this for so long. The 911 layout and platform is ancient, the Cayman is a much more dynamic and balanced car.

    That said, the 911 will always exist but who knows, perhaps the future flagship will become Mid Engined to properly compete with everyone else.
  19. I think they should ditch the back seats and just call the Cayman successor a 911.
  20. I like the idea of a Cayman race car, but not nearly as much as I hate the idea of no 911 race cars
  21. I think they should do it, obviously the 911 will stay in their road car lineup, but a mid-engined car just makes more sense for racing. Even the 911 GT1s were mid-engined. It would also be good justification for pushing road going Caymans further performance wise, since the chassis is technically superior to the 911.
  22. It has, and now it can evolve no further.
  23. they should have made the 996 mid-engined - at first it would have been all dylan goes electric but then it would have been fine - and a 928 replacement instead of making the 911 all fat.
  24. i think the 911s engine will slowly migrate towards the middle. the 911 aint going anywher
  25. It's hard to call a car a 911 if it isn't rear engine, especially when you already have a midengine car that looks like a 911.

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