C3s Are Technically Mid-Engined...

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    Oh, and almost all C3's will take a big block with very few modifications.
  2. The topic speaks for itself. At least in my 1969 I see the engine is pushed back far enough so the front of it is behind the front wheels. The battery was also designed to sit behind the driver's seat. There is a lot of room in that engine bay, I only have a 350 but I'm more than sure a 427 would sit in the same location. What's in front of the front wheels? A radiator, the headlight equipment and some horns, oh yeah, and quite a bit of fiberglass. How about other year C3s, are these cars mislabeled?
    I also got to thinking about other cars, like the late F-Body. The last two pistons of those cars are so far back they practically sit under the dash. You have to drop the engine to change those spark plugs. What a pain, but engine gets placed back further that way for better weight distribution.
    Sorry, I added a caption to this thread, however it didn't load. If you look slightly to the right of the fan blade (on the far side of the engine bay) you'll see a nut/bolt combination, that's where the centerline of the front wheels is located. None of the engine hangs over that line, meaning it's mid-engined 'technically,' now I know people debate the fact, I'm just making my point and using evidence <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><!-- Signature -->
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    many FR cars are like this because it serves to distribute the wieght better.<!-- Signature -->
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    Midengine means the engine is behind the driver. I see your point. My 82' has the same huge hood and no ass end and battery behind the driver like yours.
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    the c3 with a big block or a small block are very impressive cars, they can even outhandle a lot of today cars.
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    Not quite
    A midengine car is any vehicle in which the engine in its entirety is between the axle. Also dont forget that this car came out long before the "driver in front of engine" configuration became popular. If wahit is said about the front of the engine being behind the axle is true, then it is indeed a mid-engined car.
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    C3s are great cars, especially the L88's. I would love to have a C3. But until I'm able to actually own one, I would like to just ride in one or get to drive one.
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    Thats ridiculous, theres to much B.S. and measuring to figure out the actual layout if its determined in that way.
    The vehicles layout is figured by the position of the engine in relation to the driver, and much easier to figure out what layout it has just by looking at the where the engine and the driver is.

    What if im driving a 3 axle conventional semi. Using your method, we would have a "freak" since the engine is on top of the front wheels (but not in front of it, making it a mid-engine) yet it cant be since its still in front of the two other axles (making it a front engine?)
    As you can see using the other method, it would clearly show this semi is a front engined vehicle.

    For even more confusion, try a 3 axle cab-over semi, where the driver is on top of the engine, Would this mean then that its a "bottom or flank engined" vehicle.....
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    When did this car come out.. 67 something right?

    Popular engine-behind-driver cars from before that time:

    Fiat 500/600
    Volkswagen Beetle/Bug/Kever/whatever name it has
    Volkswagen "hippie-van"/Bus/Spijlbus (damn vw names)
    ..even the 901/911 had seen the light already.

    It's just that it's some kind of normal to call a car mid-engined when the engine's behind the driver (and on/in front of the real axle), the front axle has nothing to do with this story.
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    Your wrong and he's right, mid engined is in between the axles your semi would be a front engined vehicle since the entire engine is not behind the front axle, and the middle axle wouldnt matter only the front and the rear, front engined is when the engine is any part over or in front of the front axle, mid engined is in between the axles and rear enging is behind the rear axle. It has nothing to do with the driver.
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    if if the engine is infront of the front axle it's front engined.if it's behind the front axle but infron of the driver it's front mid engined.if it's behind the driver infront of the rear axle it's mid engined.if its behind the rear axle it's rear engined.
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    The C2 Corvette and onward are front-midengine cars like a Nissan 350Z. The 350Z has its engine shoved back behind the front axle as does the C2 and c3 Corvettes. Just take a look at the pictures. The Corvette pic is of a model but it shows the engine location very well.

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    C3s Are Technically Mid-Engined...

    Bunch of ignoramous idiots, the term Front Engine means the engine is in the front of the car (funnily enough) which means it is in front of the driver. The reason it sits behind the front axle is because of weight distributions and space.

    If we were to get really picky, we would call it a front-mid engined car (like the RX-8). But it stil remains that the engine is in the front. Just for you, i went and opened up my bonnet, and suprise suprise, found that my engine sits.........................MOSTLY BEHIND THE AXLE (with the excption of a few components)\

    This is the case in a lot of front engine cars with a longitude mounted. If we were to look at these cars, expecially the ones with big blocks, they sit behind there. If they did have a engine over the axle, you would find the front overhang and mass distibution quite arkward.
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    Whatever you want to call it, the configuration dates back quite a ways- look at a Bugatti, or an ERA, or a 3.5 Litre Bentley
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    it's basically what's known as a "fron-mid engined" car.

    a lot of manafacturers are starting to adopt this again, such as Ferrari with the 612 Scaglietti, and MB, with the SLR (take a look at pics of the engine bay, you'll see that the engine is REALLY far back, and the HUGE air-con unit is over the axle)
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    Haha yeah, given it's a typical American muscle car, I would just say it was a front mounted engine. Even if it is buried behind the front axel... I've heard horror stories of people trying to working on their Corvette's engines and how it's a pain in the ass. Geez huh?
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    no it's not
    And it isnot a muscle car either
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    Ever seen the engine bay of an MR2? M stands for mid engine, R for rear wheel drive, 2 for seats...but the engine of an MR2 is directly above the rear wheels. Does that make sense? Ever seen the engine layout of the earlier 911's? The engine is almost entirely behind the rear wheels...yet it is still called a mid-engine layout.
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    This is my take on it:

    The 911 is rear engined, not mid-engined. An MR2 is mid engined, as it's mostly in front of the rear axle line. Not by much, but it is. I've looked in their bays.

    Anyone own an FF? There's a good chance your car has it's engine over the front axle line, like our Magna. The crank line sits in front of the front axle line. But in a big FF you want the majority of weight on the driving wheels, because that % will drop under acceleration, leaving you with less traction.

    Mid engined just means between the two axles, and in a transverse mount (FF, and some MR's like MGF/Elise/MR2) this is pretty much if the crank line is in front of the rear axle line and behind the front axle, looking at the car from the top.

    In longditudal (north south), it'd be less clear cut to say if a car is mid engined in FR layouts, but if the entire block (not ancillaries and belts, fans etc) is behind the front axle it's pretty much considered mid engined. This is why Rotaries are a great sportscar motor. They pack alot of power into a fairly short motor.

    So many cab-over trucks are mid engined too. Whether they're FR or MR is hard to say. You kinda sit half on them so I'd say MR because in the major, they are behind you.

    Of course, all this is just trivia. But it's how I understand things to mean.
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    All right...I am going to settle this dispute right now. There is a new configuration designation now, and it was pioneered by Mazda(The RX8). It is called "Front-Midship". Technically this configuration name has ALWAYS been around; it just never has been used until now. Hopefully that will end this right now! Peace out!
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    its not hard at all actually
    less its an LS1
    so yea before 97 there isn't really much in the way of doing work on them
    i've got a 79 and theres no problems working on it

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