C6 C3R Corvette Stingray conversion

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by jebbinksy, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. lol you're shit
  2. Depends on what year.
  3. I actually like this, it looks really good.
  4. '68 - '82 = 15 years.
  5. some poeple just carnt count
  6. some people just can't spell
  7. I like it, nice and smooth
  9. Yeah looks far better than a regular C6
  10. true, very true
  11. me or him?
  12. no the other dude
  13. Update/more pics

    The changes were mostly on the rear end, I added a chamfer where the body meets the rear diffuser to visually lift the rear, I extended the rear about 25mm and narrowed it by more than 50mm to visually give it a more aggressive and planted stance. I also flattened the rear deck area and added a chamfer to the spoiler to match the profile of the 69 stingray better and also to give it a more modern look. The last change was to the front fender in front of the wheel, I added some fullness to give it better lead-in to the grill area.

    The dimensions on the C3R are the same as the z06 except the length, my car is 4 inches longer. I also wanted to mention that the headlights are not pop-up, I don't want to say right now how they work because I going to create an animation that shows the process. One of the main complaints was that people thought it was going to have the pop-up lights.

    Now that the main surfaces are done I am going to focus on the details like if it is possible to have 69 style door handles and the possibility of moving the location of the fuel filler to the rear deck, again like the C3.
  14. Like it a lot. Looks better than the Zr-1.
  15. I dont like the c3 anymore. I sued to buy now it just seems cheap.
  16. looks too simple, needs to be more eciting to compete with whats in the market today, well, the render at least.
  17. I bet the headlights would work like the XJ220's
  18. Now that actually looks cool.
  19. C2 is vastly superior to any other corvette in the looks department.
  20. I feel the same way about your mom.
  21. good one lol
  22. 1967 stingray vette man
  23. c2 grand sport coupes are awesome, but i never really liked the c2 ragtops. the 68-72 c3 look better imo. The ones with the chrome bumpers front and back. love the big block hoods
  24. nice pics man
  25. The last two are sex on wheels. I nominate those and the daytona coupe as the best looking American sports cars ever built.

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