C6 Z06 = GTR Killer

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  1. Thats because the GTR has about x10 more trolls.
  2. "I'd put the ZR1 up against anything on any track. It simply has great specs, and while it may be beat on some tracks by some cars it will certainly not get embarrassed."
    i can say exactly the same thing about the 599. and about what benchmarks are you talking about?

    214k for a car with an Aveo interior.
  4. "This vette will hold its value a ton better than a generic off the line Ferrari that can't perform anywhere near as well too"

    You can't be serious.
  6. Are you talking about the 57th "GT-R Thread", comparing this crap to only that one?
  7. Wow! That was a good one, you're so quick witted it caught me off guard! Not only did it answer my question, but also added insult to the obvious reference who really did name the GTR!

    You should seriously take up stand-up comedy or maybe perform on-stage rap battles with your creativity and spontaneity. You're dual meanings will definitely win you the crowd at the Apollo and also help cast you on the 8 Mile sequel!

    See, I think most people would normally reply with a 'nuh-uh your mama' retaliation, but I know when I'm out classed.

    Not to mention that you definitely have a great looking girlfriend, wife, sister, mom, grandma... I'm not quite sure who, but props to you for making her your avatar. Definitely more macho and popular than myself, not to mention it speaks on how knowledgeable you are about cars.

    So I raise the white flag to you. I offer you my full surrender, you've won this war. You've earned my respect and gratitude in putting me in my place.

    Cheers to you Jay2002WS6
  8. LOL!

  9. lol @ second account taking Jay seriously
  10. No, your mom!
  12. Now I know why PandaBeat is the way he is...

    That shit was hilarious. Well done, MK84. I actually read the whole thing - as longwinded as it was. I'm thoroughly entertained.
  13. It is true that the Z06 is a fast car in a straight line, but it simply can not handle. Handling is one of the most important aspects of performance cars. This is where the GTR destroys the Z06 and the ZR1. Both of the american cars don't undestand handling that the japanese car has. Japan has a higher level of technology than America and puts it into their car's handlings. You people need to understand this.
  15. I will reply to this simply. Drive one, then comment on handling. The whole debate is based on the N-ring times. cannot get much more not straight line then that. Side note, the corvette has never been much of a drag car EVER! Its entire design was based around outclassing the european roadsters in style, performance AND handling. As for technology.

    Corvette was first high powered LEV
    The LS series, best power/blockweight/fuel consumption of any vehicle
    Magnetic dampening suspension.

    American cars have as much technology as japanese cars. Just because a design came about in the 40s (standard pushrod V8, prime ex), does not mean it is the same. Rubber tires, been around since the mass production of cars began, doesn't mean modern tires are archaic. Funny thing is, while the japanese cars have alot more tech, most of it is novelty and actually does not offer anything more. What company's like honda and toyota do offer however, is better manufacturing quality, which is a derivative of their culture's work ethic, as apposed to the technology.

    Ever hear of Boolean logic? In short, it is a algebraic system derived by George boole that systemizes and simplifies equasions from more complex ones. Its true function comes down to removing redundancy in electronic devices. This results in a simpler equasion or system that performs the exact same task, how does it relate? In essence, It means that a more complex, or advanced system does not mean it does the job any better. It can just make it more problematic than the simpler design which does the task just as well.
  16. FTW
  17. When will you Americans realise that the Corvette is NOT the greatest and fastest car ever created? This is a simple fact of life, like grass being green, the sky blue and water being wet.

    Every single time a new performance car is unvieled, the usual troop of narrow minded ignorant Americans will always, without fail, start banging on about how the Corvette is better in some way. They will refer to stupid videos showing how 1 total novice driver was defeated by another in a straight line. They will refer to a lap time in which the big 'Vette was faster than and carefully ignore any other recorded lap time to the contrary.

    As for the Corvette. I don't think it is a bad car, but it is a car built by Americans, for Americans. Us Europeans are just not interested largely because we have many alternatives over here that are far more attractive to us. In the same patriotic manner in which you all love your Corvette I love British cars. I always loved TVR, for example, and one would be at the top of my list. I would never suggest that it was the best car on Earth. Even the Corvette is a better car is many ways. I can admit that though...
  18. Somehow I get the feeling that you're not joking.
  19. You MUST be joking.
  20. the gtr fanboys cant handle the fact that the datsun fails at hanging with a three year old car in a straight line.

    or that unless its boosted to 693hp, it cant even beat the current competition at track racing either.
  21. you are a stupid #$%#, 3 years old or not it is more powerful and lighter so it's obvious that it's faster in straight.
  22. you can't handle the Z06
  23. The gtr antifanboys cant handle the fact that their precious jerk off fantasies are getting out performed by a cheaper, less powerful and heavier car.

    They've all been in happy dreamland while the Japanese had their 280bhp gentlemans agreement. Now that agreements over and its scared the antifanboys. Their anger is just a fear reflex towards the unknown and unfamiliar.

    First the GTR, soon the LFA and then NSX successor and it will be deja vu all over again.
  24. it didnt outperform shit in the video.
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