C6 Z06 vs...?? on a track...

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by f11111, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. Are you trying to tell us that you don't know what you're talking about?
  2. whats wrong with fibre glass body? mass per volume fibre glass is lighter than carbon fibre, and it is also cheaper than carbon fibre. Fact is, the only time when carbon will be worth is when you know what you are doing and you can use less of it to achieve same or better stiffness, and unless you are buying something cost hundreds of thousands of dollar, you are out of luck.....

    An $85K Formula BMW to a 150K Formula Renault V6 car STILL uses GFRP for bodywork, despite the fact that they have carbon tub....

    So what is wrong with fibre glass......
  3. What's wrong with fiber glass??

    If a small rock chip hits then bumper then you can congratulate yourself because you can have a brand new bumper.
  4. I am saying it's NOT necessary to know the price for that item to able to understand it's a low cost product.

  5. And that's any different from a rockchip on a regular plastic bumper because.....
  6. you know fiberglass is different say glass on the windows of your house right?
  7. I see.
  8. Then based on WHAT do you make the assertion that it's a low cost product? How do you KNOW it's low-cost? You speak as if you it as a fact. Did you calculate the man/machine hours it takes to produce both of them? Did you calculate the cost in materials? If you're going to dismiss price right offhand (and indeed, that's what you're doing), by what standard are you using to judge the relative cost of both?
  9. So you know how much EXACTLY the cost to build that plastic interior?If you don't then you can't say it's a low cost product???

    I DON'T need to know how much EXACTLY it is to know it's LOW COST!
  10. At least urethane will last from small impact.
  11. Are you trying to be funny??
    Of coz I do...
  12. well, now that the cats out of the bag...(512 HP, c. 3200lbs c $70,000)
    where do you think the new Z06 will stack up on the track?

    im guessing we'll have to see how much improvement is done on the suspension first...

    IMO it wont beat a Ford GT or a Stradale based on what we know now, but it should rape everything this side of that correct?

    including: Speed Sixes, GT3, Viper, etc. etc.

    If all that is true, that hp number matches the Corvette White shark exactly but their useing a diffrent block. this thing should be sick. if you havent seen the picture of this bad boy yet email me.

    [email protected]
  13. Interior...I thought we were talking about leaf springs...?? Um...let me guess: Not much less than it cost to build the plastic (yes, PLASTIC) interior of the 996 (and yes, much of that was plastic; not even a high-grade plastic, I might add; not even up to BMW 3 Series standards).

    Actually, you do need to know a lot more than you're already admitting before you can say they're low cost. You basically don't have shit to go on. If the front leaf spring cost as much as, say, an entire set of 4 coils, would you think that's "low cost"? Or are you saying that with your many years of spring-stroking, you've concluded that the Vette's fiberglass leaf springs don't have the quality feel of steel coils...??? What are you basing your comments on exactly? Besides crap you're pulling from your ass, that is.
  14. We are talking about GFRP it is glass fibers inbedded in a polymer matrix. The polymer is very similar to the urethane used in a normal production bumper. This means it will survive small impacts just the same a plastic bumper. It would even survive larger impacts better because the fibers act as crack stoppers and would stop large cracks from starting and spreading. Second, it is very easy to patch fiberglass panels. All you have to do is bond another patch on, sand it down and repaint it. You can not do that with a plastic panel.

    You still have not answered the "cheap" leaf spring question. Do you think that it is cheaper to make a custom sized and shaped composite leaf spring. Or would it be cheaper to have one of many companies that are set up to make production runs of coiled steel springs.
  15. I highly doubt the 3200 number because the curb weight on the Coupe is 3179 and the convertible is 3199

    Stradale based on what? the 360 or 430? the C5 ZO6 matched the 360 at the ring

    The GT3 however was faster than both there so i dont know why everyone wants to think that the Stradale beats the Porsche everywhere, everytime

    the more i think about it the more it seems GM put out dumby numbers with the real pic. i dont not see how the goal of being 3000 or under is missed by 200 pounds by the biggest most well funded car company in the world
  16. him and P996T are brothers from seperate mothers

    its "cheap" but it matches the expensive 360 stradale, Porsche 911 Turbo, beats the NSX among many other high end cars at the nurburgring.
  17. exactly, and we have done exactly that over the summer to our Formula BMW car's bodywork. It was crash damaged(not stone chipped, but actually have a huge crack ripped open), we patched it, sand it and repaint and finished the body work and it was on the car the next race. Over the whole 14 race season(7 double headers), we have had to do this quite a few times but never actually replaced the bodywork...
  18. Think what ever you want to think about the Corvette.
    It doesn't change the fact that GM throws in all kind of cheap material you can find on the market to build that cheap "Ferrari beater wannabe".
    It can beat many sports cars performancewise that cost more than itself pbut that's the best it can do.
  19. "It can beat many sports cars performancewise that cost more than itself pbut that's the best it can do."

    and what more does it supposed to do? Fly around the world? Cure cancer? Bring world peace?

    thats a lot more than a lot of sportscar can claim to do.....
  20. the last thing i think about when im wavin at the Ferrari and NSX in the rear view mirror is how cheap the materials are
  21. The C6 Z06 will cure cancer and lingenfelter is in the process of developing the twin-turbo/world peace package.
  22. all for 70k, not a bad deal....
  23. if thats even the price, i dont think the numbers are real that were "leaked"

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