Cadillac CTS-V Black Diamond Edition

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by rabbitl1, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. this. Also, Chris Hansen, suck my fat tits if you don't approve of my minor grammatical oversights.
  2. Hey! Aren't you one of the Decoys from the show?
  3. Can he afford one?
  4. Oh I'm sure it is a whole heck of a lot more impressive. I merely brought it up cuz he mentioned the name! In any event, I'm sure I wouldn't be too impressed. "Fancy" paints have rarely seemed all that cool to me. Once in awhile you'll see a sweet paint job on a custom car of some sort, but even then it's not enough more awesome to justify the money, IMHO. I'd suspect this would fall into the same category for me, the repair thing is just once more reason!
  5. FACT

    The CTS-V is pretty much the most awesomest car in its segment. Gonna be the best used car to buy in a few years.
  6. I'll say. Nice seats too.
  7. I have to admit, I'm starting to like the CTS coupe.
  8. Thanks, this is in before the Euro bunch show up with no good information for backup as they always do. Oh they've got feelings coming out their ying yang but thats usually about as far as it goes.
  9. hurrr bang for buck hurrrr
  10. What's wrong with bang for buck? And besides, it's not the car's only advantage over its competitors: how about performance that has yet to be topped and styling that isn't boring and conventional?
  11. Yea, I really feel that Cadillac is the only one of the luxury brands that has a true styling identity these days.

    Most BMWs & Jaguars could easily be mistaken for something Japanese these days. Hell the XF and Lexus GS are basically brothers.

    Most Audis and Mercedes are handsome cars, but so boringly styled that they need a bunch of gaudy LED lights to get your attention.

    German design is generally more traditional and stoic, but for me, that's not appealing. Cadillacs make a statement and when one drives up, you can't mistake it for anything but a Caddy.

    Their design language is of the love-it-or-hate-it variety and I hated it when it first came out years ago, but it has grown on me and now I absolutely love it. I think the CTS is the best and most distinctive looking car out of that whole list I put together earlier.
  12. ^This

    I love the CTS because many japanese and european cars can be parked together and not many would stand out from the bunch.

    I just saw a CTS-V coupe the other day it looked waaayyyy better in life than in pics.
  13. Right on, the CTS has amazing presence IRL. It looks menacing and muscular.
  14. there are other factors that make a car great, not just power. there's a reason why european cars are more expensive than the cadillac.
  15. Theres a reason? Use the CTS-V as the one to compare to and start listing the technical reasons?
  16. you're on of the persons that will never get it anyway.
  17. I hope so! I haven't seen a coupe yet, but it'd be nice if it looked better IRL... Cuz the pictures I do not dig. Any which way who cares, the sedan is badass.

    And, yes, the CTS is way more unique and interesting looking than the competitors out right now. I'm really glad Caddy has made such a great comeback.
  18. Can you say "fanboy"???

    I like a lot of the Euro cars too... But the fact is that you can't bag on the CTS with statements like that anymore. The first gen CTS maybe. Not this one. As has been mentioned it's every bit as nice as far as all the details of things, and then it stomps them technically/mechanically. You can still feel free to prefer something else, but you can't whip out that same lame ass "But It's Murrikan!" argument anymore.
  19. You're talking out of your ass here. You're right, it's not just power. It's also handling/driving feel. European cars are more expensive because they overcharge for their badges.
  20. Probably not, because you will come to the table with feelings and emotions and "heritage", things like that without actually explaining why.
  21. Heritage tax?
    Snob factor?

    Actually, for the US I'm sure its just the extra cost of buying an import but those two things are what its all about for guys like you, eh?
  23. way to backup your statements there partner

    Perhaps you should explain just what this car is lacking over it's European competition. You are implying it is lacking something so tell us about it.

    I know, I know....passion!
  24. handling, interior, resale value, reliability etc. etc.
  25. on par, on par, probably, you're an idiot, etc. etc.

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