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  1. ATS - 3 series
    CTS - 5 series
    XTS - Temporary full size car till the new full size Cadillac design is complete.
  2. So the XTS is just a stop gap of sorts? Eta on the full size model coming out?
  3. they still should have made the Cien.
  4. Hell yes. And the Sixteen.
  5. just the sixteen. the cien never really worked as a Cadillac
  6. maybe because they were too busy making Cateras but when the Cien was out, everyone bonered for it. It was THE car. It was when Caddy had the LMP and rappers first got ahold of the Escalade and started throwing D's on them. It was a different time at Cadillac, picked up huge momentum. Right when Art and Science was first conceived.

    then it got kinda boring again till now.
  7. that is all true. but until that point Cadillac didn't have a full blooded race car. the sixteen would have brought that rediculous engine and the cunningham project may have started up because of that.
  8. cien was sharp and godly. sixteen was artdeco wankery. i guess if you want a lambo you'd like the cien, and if you want a maybach you'd like the sixteen.

    not that either of those are meant to be legitimate comparisons of cadiallcs to properly built cars.
  9. well i think the Sixteen was the turning point at cadillac. sorta the evolution. The Ciens design scheme is closer related to the original CTS and 2nd gen Escalade. It was way sharper and slab sided.

    The Sixteen had the original grill style that the 3rd gen Escalade ended up with and then cadillac went kinda curvy.

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  11. No real solid time line. All ive heard is that its "in development"

    Future full size flagship will take cues from the Sixteen and Ciel concepts. Rear drive platform with AWD option. TT V6 as base engine optional V8. No V-version planned as of yet. and served with the upcoming 8 speed Hydra-matic autobox.

    Source- Car and Driver mag.

    The XTS was kind of just thrown together because GM realized they had nothing in the full size market once the DTS was gone. And even thought they are trying to lower the average age of Cadillac owners they did want to alienate their blue hair clients. Thus we have a softsprung fwd
    mini land yacht XTS, completely out of the new Cadillac Character
  12. The only thing the XTS has going for it is cheap used highway cruiser.
  13. why this car is automatic,
    it's systematic,
    it's hyyyyydra-matic,

    why, it's greased lightning!
  14. dear god
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    Cadillac CTS Coupe and Wagon Axed, ATS Coupe Likely

    Now that Cadillac has introduced its new 2014 CTS sedan to the world, the fate of the CTS coupe and wagon is up for discussion.

    The goal of the new CTS sedan is to compete within the mid-luxury segment, allowing the ATS to target the entry-to-mid level luxury segment such as the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4. According to sources close to the American luxurty automaker, the CTS coupe and wagon will be built alongside the new sedan for “at least a year,” but it is likely that after that, both models will be axed.

    It’s no surprise that the wagon is going, considering its sales has been weak at best. Last year, the wagon accounted for a mere seven percent of all CTS sales, and one in three of those were high-performance V models. As for a sporty Cadillac coupe model, it’ll come in the form of an ATS coupe. A competitive, entry-level luxury sports coupe will allow the American automaker to compete against other popular coupes such as the upcoming BMW 4-Series.

    So if you’re on the fence of getting your hands on a CTS coupe or wagon, you might want to act fast. It’s just a matter of time before they become a thing of the past.
  16. ATS is compact and very sexi. Smaller than than current CTS
  17. the greatest period of cadillac for me was from 1957 to 1972
  18. Cool story bro.
  19. To me it looks like an ATS.

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