cadillac is pretty gay

Discussion in '2001 Cadillac LMP' started by FORDGT90, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. poop,turd,junk, but i would still drive it if i could<!-- Signature -->
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    u have no idea what your talkin bout it is sweet.<!-- Signature -->
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    cars do rule.
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    Poop, turd, and junk? I suppose you can design something better then, huh? Go ahead and give it a shot. I promise I won't laugh at you.
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    You shithead Cadillac is the best car company in the world. They have the coolest cars coming into production and are the pioneers of the original V16.
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    I give him my "Dumbass Of All Time" award.
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    your pretty gay not the car dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Its ok.
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    As i said in another forum, people who say gay go say it because they heard it from there seven year old class mates who asked there mommys what is meant. saying that prooves your a shitless piece of crap who sits around and calls stuff gay.
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    Cadillac rules, you dumbass. What are you, some pro-Ford asshole? Even though I love Ford, I think Lincoln can kiss my ass. Ugly ass, slow, overpriced, cheap, rip-off pieces of shit. That's what they are. What's up with the Navigator? It should be changed to the Navigayer. The Escalade will tear up, embarass, chew up, and and spit out the Navigayer in rusty pieces of shit.
    I hate Navigayers. They're so ugly.
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    I don't see Lincoln getting into racing. At least Cadllac has enough balls to step into this fierce competition, unlike Lincoln.
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    cadillac sucks........all they are is souped up chevys and thats still not sayin much

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