Camaro MIGHT be a diesel

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  1. Probably enough to break a normal dyno. Usually in those cases, the actual horsepower/torque figures are just estimates, because there's no reliable way to actually find out.
  2. I think it would, like you said, as a base engine. What are the top reasons someone buys a V6 Camaro or Mustang? Low price, low insurance, gas mileage. A turbo diesel V8 gives you just that in so many better ways than a V6 could offer. Not high revving, not really high speed and not something found in a Fast & Furious movie, so the insurance companies would have no problem with low premiums on it. Need I even touch on the gas mileage a diesel gets versus gasoline? And price is completely up to GM.

    Now what do those same kids with the V6 Camaros and Mustangs do with them? After awhile they get powered of lack of power. So unless they are Porsche996Turbo and can whine to their parents to buy/give them a faster car, they are stuck with their V6 and their minds start looking for more power through supercharger kits, bolt-ons, nitrous, etc. A turbo diesel gives them what they were missing in the first place and the much cheaper and easier route to gain more power if need be.

    People would buy it, for the same reason everyone is buying flex fuel vehicles and hybrids. Times have changed since the 1970s, people have changed. People want high gas mileage, to stop being at the mercy of the oil industry and they want to protect their environment. The low sulfur requirements coming and the present day availability of bio-diesel, this is a very viable option for GM, perhaps a very profitable option.
  3. diesel camaro... sounds like BS to me
  4. Thanks for ignoring the ENTIRE thread.
  5. Hey guys, please, be honest and tell us HOW MANY TIMES have any one of You driven a single state-of-the-art sport car with a diesel? I´ll give You the answer: not a single one. I am the owner of BMW 330d, had a chance to drive even superjet 535d with m-packet, try this and You will cerainly change Your mind. The reason of Your refusal is pure prejudice. In europe, sport models, such as Alfa Romeo Brera 2.4 JTD or Skoda Octavia RS TDi are very succesful.. (the pictures below). And to be honest - Camaro is no ferrari or porsche.. even Peugeot 407 Coupe is a much better sport coupe.
  6. How many Camaro's have you been in? None.
  7. When did first-hand knowledge stopped you from criticizing Alfa Romeo in the past?
  8. forget this for a moment, he was replying to an absolute idiot
  9. beersheva made some good points.
  10. I only criticized looks, I never said anything about how the car drives.
  11. Our refusal isn't prejudice. Do you have any idea how many models of cars ofer a diesel in america? 2. The Volkswagen Jetta and the Mercedes E320cdi. Neither of which is all that cutting edge for a diesel. Now might i ask how many Camaros you've driven?
  12. Finally someone on my side. Well, that actually went further than "awesome" or "that's great" =)

    And drove 406 coupe diesel before, it's really good.
  13. the person who criticizes alfas for their looks is like the person that criticizes jessica simpson for her looks. There are so many other things you can pick on.
  14. UROPE #1!
  15. When I was in the US, I drove only us cars... Pontiac Le Mans Coupe, or Camaro 3.8L, so yes I drove one.. A used camaro, imported from America, is a car hard to sell in the used-cars market, 3.8L 2000 with 25.000kms is for just 7.000 usd here, bmw 330 coupe is for 16.000 Usd (the same production year). I do not understand both Your attitude towards modern diesels (but I understand Your no-experience), and your admiring of this camaro-model, a car of mass production, with no extra abilities, no extra look, no extra power... this thread is almost useless, because Camaro is not a Corvette or Ferrari, not a icon, only a marketing value sourcing from a distant past.
  16. lol @ LeMans... What year?
    When were talking about "Camaro" were not talking about the school girls V6 models. Were talking about the Z28 or SS. Not "just a V8 under the hood", it includes better brakes, suspension, transmission, and wheels/tires. Ive driven a V6 Camaro, its a night and day difference between the two, its like a Lancer to an EVO.
    BTW, take a look at the price when new of the 330 coupe, compare that to the V6 Camaro...
  17. Let me give you a little US culture lesson. 3.8L Camaros are shit, they aren't the issue here. The only reason they exist is so that GM can advertise a low base price for the car. Now For another lesson. The Camaro is as big of an icon for America as as a Ferrari is for Italy. It may not be suave, sophisticated or particularly sporty by European standards but that's part of its charm. The biggest part of the Camaro's charm was that for the same money as your BMW 330 coupe, one could have a 5.7L V8 pumping out 300hp. Power to the people? Oh hell yes. Until you drive a V8 Camaro you really need to STFU about their lack of merits. The Camaro is more deserving of admiration than a mass-market coupe from Bavaria. One of them is an American icon with 40+ years of history, something most every high-school teenager admired. Big, simple, powerful, cheap. The other isn't even an icon in it's home country, a nice car, but not something you'll look twice at.
  18. Ok I accept Your feelings, despite I cannot understand them. But if Your "icon" Z28 can be good enough for 5.7 L engine with 285HP and 440Nm, I am sure You wouldn´t be bothered when driving it with bmw´s 3 liter twin-charger turbo diesel with 284HP and 580Nm, which can push even the small SUV X3 from 0-65mph in 6,5 seconds. For less than a half the consuption of 5.7L motor... My point is - I really love the design of the 2006 camaro, I hope the quality of interior and parts shall be at least a european standard, I believe in great performance and for us here in Europe - I want a superdiesel with at least 500Nm! Btw, did You know, that if 40% of new US cars had a diesel engine TDi, You wouldn´t need the whole import of oil from Saudi Arabia? It´s really really time to change Your mind over there!
  19. Go back to the indies n00b. If it takes 6.5 seconds for it to push an X3 to 60 it wouldn't do much better on a Camaro. The regualr V8 can dispose of 6-mph in 5.5 seconds. A one second difference is an eternity for a performance car. As for the interior, i wouldn't mind if it were nice, but I'd rather have shitty plastics and a $30k sticker price than good plastics and leather and all the rest for $40k. And no, if 40% of our cars were diesel, we'd still need Saudi Arania for our supply, and our air would unbreathable. Still, I'd love to have an Audi A8 4.0L TDi
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    Looks like you need another reality check.
    The LT1 Camaro Z28 ('92-97) was RATED at 280hp, but really making north of 300, close to 310-330. The LS1 Camaros are rated from 310-325 depending on spec, but all make 345-350hp. But enough with peak numbers, more importantly 2000RPMs pulls like 6000RPMs.
    What exactly is the fuel economy of the X3 diesel? Surley not 60mpg as you imply (the Camaro does every bit of 27mpg highway.)

    You want 500nm? Buy an LS1 Camaro, they make every bit of 375ft.lbs (508nm) stock.

    The Camaro is a very ballsy car, a brute, thats why many people like it.
  21. I agree.
  22. Hey idiot, he's talking about BMW's 285HP diesel engine, not the engine mentioned in the opening post of this thread, that supossedly has 360 horses. STFU.
  23. I know you #$%#ing moron. Perhaps if you actually knew how to read you'd know that he was suggesting that even the 285hp BMW diesel might be good in a Camaro since it can push the X3 to 60 in 6.5 seconds, and that since the Z28 only makes 285hp, it wouldn't be a step down in performance. Except it doesn't-itmakes 300hp, and the Camaro already meets his magical 500nm tagret. Unfortunately for good discussions everywhere he's wrong, and you're an idiot.
  24. I'm an idiot. K.

    "For good discussions"

    Re-read the thread, re-read your posts, see the garbage you posted.

  25. Yeah, i know. Pot, kettle, etc. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>


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