Camaro or Firebird?

Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS 35th Anniversary' started by SSCamaroSS, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Camaro, the 1969 SS version. a very beatiful car.
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    1991 Firehawk Comp... nuff' said
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    I prefer the T/A. I like the interiors better, and the rear ends much better than an SS. But, I really like the SS from the front end, a little cleaner look than the WS6. But a regular T/A compared to a Regular Z28, no comparison in my book, I like the exotic look of the T/A. WS6 and SS are pretty much a tie for me. But if I had to choose, I'd probably take the WS6.
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    definatly the camaro like u couldnt tell from my sig
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    i wouldpick ether one i like the looks of the firebird andthat i own one but ilike the older camaros the newer ones just dont look that good to me
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    I would go with the firebird. The camaro just doesn't have the hood scoop like the firebird. Even thogh the car featured is pretty tight I would go with firebird.
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    Camaro or Firebird? Hmm...
    How about NEITHER!
    The one and only surviving ponycar!
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    when camaro comes back it will kill mustang even the T/A can run with the new mustang cobra because the SS and WS6 are under rated
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    Same engine an all that but the camaro is better, it looks better..... alot better and it is faster . Face it u fire bird lovin dumb asses, the z28 and trans am are the same engine but the ss is bigger and better itll destroy a crappy firebird FACE THE FACTS FIREBIRD FUKIN SUX!!
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    O and also thos ugly lights make the fire bird look like a piec of shit . It looks really ugly o ad did it mention firbird sux!
    an mustang is crappiest out of all of them it cant even keep up, the mustang should be in the same league as cavaliers and civics not kik ass carz like camaro's
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    I would have to say the Firebird looks better on the outside just because that's my opinion. The only thing I don't like about the Firebird is that it's more expensive and the base Trans Am comes with the same hp as the Formula, which is the same as the Z28.
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    Camaro for it's looks and the Fire Bird for it's rareness.
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    Dont care if it had the LS1, or if it is older than myself
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    I'd prefer my 87' Buick Grand National because for street riding it's nice sounds awsome and it smokes the hell out of almost any car I go by.
    My favorite F-body is the FireBird, I've had 3 and they are a rare sight indeed. Besides I see and Camaro's all the time.
    The FireBird weighs like 100 pounds less anyways.
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    (said while coughing) Mustangs....slow.....I can take one so easy it isn't even funny. My 00' WS6 or my 87' Grand National will kill em' especially my 87' Grand National.
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    I like them both. i think im more of a ws6 fan then SS. I just like that more aggressive look. wouldnt mind having either one

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    I believe these two cars are very similar. They are both fast as hell and I love them both. But since my car is a SS, I would have to go with an SS.
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    The results are in:

    Camaro: 15

    Firebird: 12

    I voted for the firebird.
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    Toyota Supra, any day.
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    The question was not Camaro vs. Firebird vs. Supra. If you like the Import crap so much go into the Toyota section, this is the Chevy, American Section.

    Personally I'll take the Camaro, but the Firebird is just as nice. I like the ram air on the bird but the smooth look of the Camaro seals the deal.

    I just pray when they bring it back it isn't retro...
  23. They actually weigh 100 pounds more...because of the more complicated body design.

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