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Discussion in '2000 Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT' started by MrPopo, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. why is it on this site that when most people on this site compare an american car to a highpriced import, they choose this one 9/10 times.
    Yeah we all know this car kicks ass but is it the only american car that can even be put in the same sentence as the other world elites?
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    No, statistically speaking a Mosler MT900S is more or less as fast around a track. A Lingenfelter Corvette has shown itself to be even faster at the same track, and a Lingenfelter 427TT is quicker in a straight line. I think a Saleen S7 could probably beat it around most tracks (just a guess), and offers a nicer interior to boot. That doesn't come cheaply, of course.

    The top stock production sports car in America has been the Viper, and it's been that way for some time now. When you take that vehicle further, modify it (not even to its full potential yet, mind you), set some very impressive numbers, then you can kinda understand why so many people refer to it as some sort of benchmark.
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    Yeah I know there are other American cars out there that can compete, I just wish that the members on this site that show favoritism towards Domestics, would start naming some of them instead of this car all the time.
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    hmm.. actually, you got a pretty good point there MrPopo... in fact not only are there other American cars that can rival this, but there are even other Viper tuners that have pretty mighty machines to offer (e.g. SVS, Doug Levin etc).
    I'm not American, I love ALL supercars from all over the world, but I think it would be interesting to bring more of the American cars into discussion & comparisons...
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    I am American, and, youre right about comparing imports to an 800tt, thats a little played out. Thats why we now have the 1000TT, I don't think i have to explain what the 1000 stands for. But Hennessys aside, America still has some very potent tuner cars. Callaway, Lingenfelter, SVS, Salleen, Roush And many others. Don't forget the classics either, like the copo and yenko camaros, and the shelby mustangs. So, come on, give America some credit. I mean really, we do make the coolest cars.
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    Yes it's true.. although I love European cars as well, and I am personally a Ferrari fan, still I have to admit that you Americans rule especially in terms of performance vs. price ratio.

    And while we all dream of an F40, F50, Diablo, CLK GTR etc... unfortunately we all have to admit that for most of us, affordability plays an important part...
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    Not me. I'd take a 575 instead of the F50.
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    All in All, u can take any american sports car and u can tune it and it could beat a hennessy, and there is other cars that could hold with this....the leggifellar TT C5 beat this car in the 1/4 mile, really anycar can as long as u tune it right, but there are many foreign cars that could beat this american.....and there is ALOT more foreign manufactorers then there are in america
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    F50 and the CLK GTR could put up a fight...
    but the others are just to crap!
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    TVR Speed 12. £155,000 and more powerful.
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    yes but was the TVR Speed 12 on the list...?
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    What. You're list, cos that does'nt mean dick. The Speed 12 had 1 test that was public and that was at Silverstone where it posted a faster lap time than the McLaren F1.
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    i don't have a problem with the TVR Speed 12...
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    Sorry I was tired when I posted that.
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    i see...
    i can usually can only ever get on here...
    in the morning...or after work...
    so my mood kinda swings...

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