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  1. this is a ripoff of the ferrari 360 and the 550. Although this is a good car considering the horses and the speed that is great. What do You think?????
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    Well, some elements may be reminiscent of the Ferraris you mentioned but i'd hardly call it a rip-off.
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    Let me see here hmm... No I can't SAT Ferrari Ripoff, rather SAY Ferrari ripoff. But, in this case I'd rather not say it because although this particular car may have some "supercarish" queues, it is definitely not Ferrari....DUDE!
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    no no it is the ripoff of the lamborgini diablo.because look at the body it has the same shape as the lamborgini only the lights arent like the diablo's lights.
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    HARDLY a rip off. sure, you look at the front and it looks like ferrari due to the hood and lights, and from the side it looks like a murcielago, and from this angle it looks like this and so on and so on. theres always some sort of resemblence because there arent many different ways to design an AMAZING car.
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    to fast for a Ferrari
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    NO I REALLY CAN't this car rocks
    it just looks like a few different cars in one
    what about the v12
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    I completely agree.
  9. True... 550 hood, 550/360 lamps.. not to mention the rear lamps, which are so enzo that it hurts... :/
  10. That's a good one... buahahaha!!
  11. its based on a lamborgini diabo and then some things added

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