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  1. was it that funk master flex show?

  2. Canada has been making American cars for a long time.

    Anyone ever hear of a Saturn?
  3. Thats called a replica.
  4. Is that Canadian or US dollars?
  5. I believe at some time in the 70's a company in quebec was making a car, i read about it in a magazine "Le monde de l'auto".
  6. Pimp my ride is a new show on mtv and now on muchmusic(canadian)
  7. Many fords are made in windsor ontario, Windsor is Canada's Detroit.
  8. No Fords are made in Windsor. Ford used to make lots of cars there but moved Canadian production to Oakville, while Windsor kept building engines (e.g. the Windsor v8). Today they build Modular v8s in Windsor and OHV v6s too I think.

    But yeah, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki all have plants in Canada that I can think of.

    The Lexus SUV you're thinking of is the RX, which is indeed made in Canada.
  9. Except the Model C, and I few others I don't really remember.
  10. I've passed by the Windstar plant.
  11. Lots of them in Dubai (in exotic import dealers), but no one wants one. Not sure if it is registered as a car or a bike.
  12. the last generation F bodies were also made in Canada, St Therese Quebec
  13. Lexus RX is made in canada.... I think my moms was made in Japan
  14. I get ad when I pass there.
  15. Basically all of Chrysler's lineup is made there. The 300. The Pacifica. The Grand Caravan...
  16. The Viper's frame is also made in Ontario, Canada.
  17. the unions in the usa must be bastards for so much production to happen in canada
  18. Canada and the US used to have a special trade agreement - the AutoPact - which said that the big three can enjoy complete free and impartial trade between the US and Canada so long as they build AT LEAST as many vehicles in Canada as they sel there. This had the effect of killing off the posibility of any native Canadian auto industry in exchange for a LOT of investment by the Big Three.

    With NAFTA, the WTO, etc. coming into existence the foreign makers (who paid small terrifs when moving vehicles into and between the US and Canada) called shenanigans and had the AutoPact thrown out. Now the automakers (including the Japanese) invest in Canada because we have free trade with the US but somewhat lower costs, especially healthcare costs. Still the industry model is pretty close to the US: with the Big Three plants having CAW union workers with company-killing fat benefits and wages while the Japanese plants keep the unions out by matching union wages (if not benefits).
  19. BTW off-the-top-of-my-head list of cars made in Canada:

    - Pacifica
    - Grand Caravan
    - Town & Country
    - Freestar
    - Monterey
    - 300
    - Magnum
    - Civic
    - EL
    - Impala
    - Monte Carlo
    - F-150
    - Silverado
    - Sierra
    - Century
    - Tracker
    - Vitara
    - Equinox
    - Pilot
    - MDX
    - Oddesey
    - Crown Vic'
    - Grand Marquis
    - Marauder
    - Corolla
    - Matrix
    - RX

    ...the Dodge Charger (whatever it is) will be built in Canada at the 300/Magnum plant. The Pilot-based Honda pickup will be built in Canada. The Ford plants will stop F-150 and minivan production, combine operations, and produce a whole line of Mazda6-based cars, minivans, and crossovers. I'd imagine the Equinox clones are coming for the Suzuki plant. Town Car production will move to the CV/GM plant if/when Wixom closes. I think the Allure is being built in Canada.
  20. $42,995 in a dealer in maryland.
  21. 38k and 0-60 in 4.4? sign me up!
  22. i only said it cuz i saw one on funk master flexes show. think it was ja rule's
  23. thanx stewacide, top post
  24. Thats Canadian or US dollars??

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