cant decide on which gun to get

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  1. Another point about the defense issue is that you don't have to defend yourself against burglars. What about animals? Snakes?
  2. Crime rates go down in states that allow citizens to legally carry concealed weapons.
  4. You are a lieing piece of sh*t. What's worse is that you're probably lieing to yourself as well.

    You want it for the sport... but you don't want to persue an actual sport like PB or airsoft or airgun target shooting because... they don't smell and feel like a rear (deadly) weapon? Well then clearly your hangup is owning a deadly weapon, not some stupid "sport" you use to justify it...

    Seriously, do you actuall believe the BS you're saying?
  5. Kid, if I broke into your house, and you screamed "Im calling the police", I would either steal your TV then, or break in a week later and steal it. It would take me about 30 seconds to break a window, open a door, then run out with your TV. It would take the police at LEAST 5 minutes to get to the house, possibly longer.

  6. stewacide wins. You got owned.
  7. alright tough guy, kill it yourself without shooting it.
  8. dude..what is ur problem...guns are only deadly when shot at people..i dont have any desires to shoot at people.....i drive a deadly car everyday....i cut my steak with a deadly weapon...everything is deadly...guns are only deadly in the wrong hands
  9. Rake? Just because you're a pussy that can't go to bed without watching the lion king, doesn't mean real men can't kill a snake with a stick.
  10. And load it in your car/truck, or maybe start running with it?

    That would take him long enough for the cops to get there, and how the hell would you get away with a TV in the back of your car? How many cars out there are carrying a big @ss TV tell me?
  11. its chirstmas time..there are plenty
  12. Just like every other american out there, something is a threat? Kill it.

    God dammit, just walk away dude, its not like the snake is gonna follow you to murder you in the middle of the night and steal your god damned TV.
  13. Whatever.
    How about bringing up a point?
  14. Yup, just keep telling yourself that...

    You and I both know perfectly well there's something very different about a gun (vs. a car or a steak knife or whatever). There's no other purpose to a gun than to kill. If you want to draw parralells with combat swords or something than fine: people who own swords are idiots as well.

    Humans are defined first and foremost in evolutionary terms by their use of weapons. All of the features which allowed us to acheive all that we have as a species (our free dexterious hands, large brains, etc.) are adaptions for tool use, and the only tools humans had much use for untill the most recent %1 of out history were weapons. Hell, per-historic cultures are defined entirely by the weapons they used. There's something downright magical and intoxicating about holding a weapon - whether it's a spear or a gun or whatever...

    In short: drop the bullsh*t. Wanting to own a gun for its own sake is PERFECTLY natural. I'd put it up there with sex: seriously. It's also incredibly stupid given present circumstances: something else you don't seem to realize...
  15. do u know the guy is just coming for ur tv..what if he was a derranged psyco coming for ur wife or kids..calling 911 wont do much to stop him...he will prolly be what do u do..
  16. This is getting funny.

    Ill play along.

    I run into your house and have the TV or another valuable in my hands and get out in 45 seconds. It then takes me 10 seconds to get to my car, then I drive off.

    The police arrive 5 minutes later, and you tell them the description of my car and what valuables I stole.

    Not only did I have sufficent time to get a good amount away, but the police will have no clue where I went.

    Not to mention you are in no way protected if someone wants to vandalize your house or actually kill you.

    The fact that you think that the police actually catch a good number of criminals in the act robbing houses is funny.
  17. What if you have kids?
  18. Those little bastards can fend for themselves. They outweigh the snake by a good 50 pounds.
  19. The point is I don't need a fücking gun to kill a snake. Its like fishing with a shotgun.
  20. Alright, maybe the snake was a bad point.
    But what about a mountain lion? Because one of my dogs was slaugtered in my back yard by one of those.
  21. what...a rake can easily handle a mountain lion
  22. There should be a lot of cops everywhere day and night, and they have a radio, all the have to look for, is a car carrying a TV, thats not just gonna pass by without being noticed.
  23. wow..ur stuck on teh tv idea
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  25. Oh ok, so your going to take your gun, and go shoot the killer, right?

    Then you realise it was just your son who took the thrash out, very clever, you just killed your son, your saved! Your saved!

    Or maybe youll wait to make sure its a killer and shoot him after he stabbed you in your sleep right?

    Killers arent just gonna wake you up in the middle of the night.

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