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  1. cuz he smokes pot
  2. haha dude!
  3. Hey, lets see how the job search goes. I might get back on this one.
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  4. I think there's a couple mischaracterizations there. Trudeau, as he should, has said that practices like honor killings and genital mutilation are absolutely barbaric, heinous things that are completely incompatible with Canadian values. The question he brought up is if, in official Government of Canada-published literature, using that language is appropriate. That changes the question from 'is this practice right?' -- which it obviously is not -- to 'what is the best way to stop this practice?'. Telling people that their barbaric might get them to double down on their behavior; does that progress our interests?

    This relates quite a bit to the multiculturalism question. We don't tend to define ourselves so explicitly. Rather, there seems to be a minimum set of things which are definitely not Canadian. Even two-hundred years ago, we accepted native tribes and Quebec as distinct cultures within the then-British and now Canadian state; there wasn't a uniquely Canadian way of life per se. The idea that the elder Trudeau did away with this in favor of the wholesale importation of culture almost seems like a misdirection from the less palatable question of what we're willing to accept in our culture. He just formalized what we'd already been doing.
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    I always can expect a logical response.
  6. It's damn near impossible to change the belief system someone has had for 30+ years. Especially when they are surrounded by people with the same belief system. You have to go after the children and try to educate them better. Although it's difficult when they hear conflicting information from their parents. What child wants to believe their parent is wrong?
  7. the more generations you get down the line the more merged the cultures will be
    but whos got time for that
  8. Solution: Murder the parents, raise the children. They'll never know.
  9. By their twenties they question everything their parents have said. Sadly by this time they have already been child soldiers growing to killing machines and died on the field. :(
  10. But yeah. Basic compulsory education is key to our advancement as species.
  11. Vanilla Ice for PM

    Make Canada streamlined again!
  12. at least he'd have a clue
  13. Policy #1: Philips drives BANNED; Pozidriv acceptable in wood construction

    Edit: struck down in supreme court, confidence vote for tomorrow.
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    It's an absolute nightmare, yes. I'm just rejecting the idea that Trudeau was supporting people's right to be barbarians. Everyone agrees the practices are incompatible with modern Western values, people just rightfully debate about what is the best way to fight it. In your education example, for instance, private schooling and homeschooling are both rare in Canada, and public schools are generally of high quality. Those schools often have reasonably good social and chaplaincy services for young people questioning their cultural and religious upbringing. That's a powerful tool indeed. But if you attack the parent, make them feel there's a real 'West-vs-Islam' fight, what are the odds that they're going to express their right to homeschool their child, or find a private school that won't challenge their beliefs?

    This is something we've already failed to do with another group; the Christian right are the dominant homeschooling group in North America, and as they become increasingly more insular in their education and socialization, it becomes more and more difficult to re-include them into the consensus. Those who are most adamant about homeschooling believe that its 'liberal secularism-vs-Christianity' as opposed to 'West-vs-Islam', but the fear that they're under siege has a lot of parallels. Lo and behold, they're the group that has become the dominant terror threat in the United States (at least according to the FBI). That's not a mistake to be made again, and it's a really fine line to walk.

    I think this is a situation where multiculturalism as a matter of official policy is a powerful chip to carry, because you can show these somewhat insular groups that their right to build a community in the image they deem fit is constitutionally protected. As long as they don't stray past the minimum boundaries of what we consider acceptable, they have a right to their culture. It's something in writing to show them that they're not the enemy.

    This is even more important when the goal is spreading human rights overseas, when you're not only trying to educate populations on the damage that certain behaviors cause, but trying to do so while maintaining the favor of governments that don't like you stepping on their toes.
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  15. Canada tried that once. It's rightfully viewed as genocide these days.
  16. I suppose you have also encountered a "Russian safety":


    Particularly fun on a titanium screw/bolt.
  17. yeah thats how you make loyal to the death child soldiers
    but we want kind of loyal but with good critical thinking skills and acting as Good People Contributing to the Tribe (of a couple hundred million)
  18. Who is we? I want my own Tamil Tigers.
  19. This is a fair analysis, they have definitely stuck to their mandate, although dropping electoral reform I thought to be a bit of a cop out. In all honesty the promise of legalized cannabis has me most interested and one I've been following for a while, and it finally looks like legislation is on its way. It's going to be interesting on how it gets tabled, as well as what the legal framework will look like (leaving it up to the provinces to determine sales, age requirement, etc.).

    Like others have said, we could do worse for a leader, although I find (recently) hearing much of what is going on Parliament Hill is eclipsed by the latest Trump tweet or whatever bullshit comes from the GOP.
  20. I wish he was our PM.
  21. instead of PM aragorn?
  22. [​IMG]

    We have our own dutch trudeau. I voted for him. A-class guy.
  23. which one is better looking

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