Caparo to build its own road cars

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  1. Caparo, the UK car component company that will supply the body structures for the Tata Nano, is planning use the success of its £200,000 T1 track car to develop two new and very different vehicles.

    Sales of the carbonfibre track car, which have reached 20, have given the company confidence to start work on a pair of concepts. One is a high-performance car evolved from the T1 that will be usable on the road. The other is the complete opposite: a small, ultra-light town car. Caparo will carry on building full-spec T1s, but it will make the car a limited edition.

    For the small car Caparo will be building on the skills it is learning as a supplier of body parts for the £1500 Nano. "Because we handle body structures here and in India, made from steel and aluminium, we understand the dynamics and will be able to apply composites knowledge," said Caparo chief executive Angad Paul.

    But he conceded that it will take several years to develop carbonfibre pressings to get the price below the cost of metals. "All of our development is about saving cost without compromising safety," he said. "The carbonfibre route is not just for expensive cars. We are thinking of the Fiat Punto class."

    The £4 million raised from T1 sales so far is more than the car cost to develop, according to Paul. He said, "Demand for T1 is there. We intend to price the car in a way that will reflect the fact that only a small number will ever be built. If we think the world market is 299 then that's what we will build, but we haven't decided yet."

    Single Vehicle Approval kits can be fitted to the T1 to allow it to be driven to track events. But Paul admitted, "We are not going to spend a lot of money getting T1 approved for the road. We will market it for the track because there is nothing like it short of a Formula 1 car. It has been tested with the McLaren F1 race car and it blows the McLaren away."

    Caparo's principal business is aluminium and steel car body parts, and the development of a carbonfibre showcases was to extend the choices. Paul formed Caparo Vehicle Technologies, the car development subsidiary, with Ben Scott-Gedes (one of the development team for the McLaren F1) taking charge of development. Gordon Murray, the Mclaren F1's designer, is now also on the board of CVT. (Autocar)
  2. i like the noise
  3. I thought the whole point of the T1 was that it was road legal, now it's not? Might as well ditch all the lights then.
  4. The Caparo T1 was a success? how many were sold?
  5. 20, as said in the article above
  6. Gordon Murray is an arrogant dickh*ead.

    But he's a genius.
  7. It doesn't really help to have a road legal Caparo that catches fire, sheds parts, fails to brake, etc.
  8. And that stuff is ok on a track car? I figured they just wouldn't sell it until the issues were worked out.
  9. We haven't seen a production ready car yet. Twenty sales are based on future delivery. The final production car is going to have the sale nose lifting technology that is seen on the Ascari A10 to aid it on the road. The single vehicle license in the UK is how Lotus get the 2-11 on the road or the 340R with the 190BHP engine.

    The only way to get publicity for the Caparo was to get the technology demonstrate to the media otherwise it would have been a few coloumn inches in the motor press.
  10. lol..oh
  11. apparently there were hardly any sightings of it....

    the number should have been 50.
  12. wutt do they mean success? the car has had major problems every time it has been driven in public, in some cases injuring the driver.

    Still. It pwns all.
  13. I can't wait for Gordon's city car, I remember sketches of it in Road & Track, I believe it was, years ago.
  14. will the production version of the T1 be available with the canopy so that it is effectively a convertible? i hope so coz then you wouldnt have to wair a helmet. and i also doubt the 20 people that have their orders down will keep them for long. i rekon the T1 will take so long to get to them that half of the will sell off their deposits, like what happened with the XJ220
  15. The T1 is a stupidly flawed car. When they say they tested it against the mclaren F1 race car, are they talking about the actual formula one car or a Mclaren F1 GTR?
  16. The T1 is not going to blow away a F1 Race Car.
  17. nah. it could match an F3 car down a straight though. same power to weight ratio
  18. did you really expect the T1 being street-legal everywhere in the World?
  19. it was faster than the current f1 cars down the straight at silverstone when they tested it there.
  20. That's because current F1 cars have transmissions where their engines should be.
  21. Burner Ecclestone's new rules.

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