Car & Divers 10 best!!!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 10th Annv SVT Cobra, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. yes i agree, car and driver is shit
  2. However,

    Car & Driver > Motor Trend
  3. What about the GTO.
  4. To bad they're buyest.
  5. Biased? Doubtful, the editore of C/D span a vast spectrum of tastes and preferences, it all balances out. C/D is one of the best auto magazines out there.
  6. the only valid american magazine worth reading are

    Road and Track
    and that ferrari one...

    the rest are garbage
  7. I assume you're speaking of the RX-8 when you talk about less performance and questionable reliability. Because if you are referring to the G35, you are sorely mistaken. The G35 has better performance and reliability. Rotaries are known for their unreliability, and are amazingly fuel inefficient. Also, Mazda admitted that the RX-8 doesn't even make the power that they initially advertised.
  8. You're confused. He was talking about the G35.
  9. You trust "Nissan quality and reliability" over Mazda?!? Way to fail. Hard.

    And rotaries are inherently more reliable than piston engines because they're so much simpler. It's just that when they do happen to fail they fail in a big way <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> ...still I haven't heard any problems at all about the Renesis.

    Plus lets not forget the Rx-8 looks a lot better than the G35 (and a LOT better than the Z, which I can't stand to look at anymore).
  10. Noone wants to hear your stupid opinions, and theories.

    Clearly, they were talking about the Mazda rotary's reliability, not Mazda overall. Looks are very subjective.
  11. There's more to go wrong with a car than the engine.
  12. Perhaps you should actually go sit in the cars you seem to dislike so much. The RX-8 and G35 have equally bad back seats. The RX-8 has no leg room, while the G35 lacks headroom.

    The RX-8 looks like a r1ceboy special of the week, angular and wing-ready. While it's not unattractive at all, the G just bleeds beauty.

    And I'll take the quality of a company that can get it's horsepower ratings correct, thank you very much.
  13. VQ35DE has been wards top 10 engines for about 8-9 running now, longer than any other engine out there. Not to mention nissan's engines actually put out the power they're supposed to and not constantly being overrated.

  14. Thats not my fault
  15. Yea mazda rotary engine gets alot more hp on that lil' 1.3 litre engine or what ever it is . Thats cool. its a nice sports car
  16. The RX-8 looks like a r1ceboy special of the week? Its a matter of opinion but it has alot better looks than that. When i think of a special of the week, i see a Civic with the huge wing, coffee can exhaust, and 5 or 10 stickers that add about 10 hp each.
  17. It looks like it has Erebuni bumpers and all that jazz.
  18. Don't forget SCI. SCI is my favorite magazine!
  19. Grassroots Motorsports is better than any of those.
  20. Ever is cool except the SLK.
  21. Motortrend is worth reading , they tell it like it is. no non-sense
  22. magnum, 300
  23. The Best Wagon and the Best Muscle Car catagories were givaways for the Magnum and the Mustang pretty much.
  24. yah, there really arent many other wagons and the best muscle car is mustang...whatelse GTO wasnt even there!
  25. u didn't argue my point.

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