CAR n DRIVER supercar shootout

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  1. does anyone have the articles of older issues? heres a pic of the current
  2. I want the whole currnet one. Especially info on the MT900sOB, that CTS-V, and the Z06s.
  3. ill try n scan it later. the mosler blew its clutch so it wasnt able to compete.
  4. I have last year's superfour challenge.
  5. I know. It sucks so much. Are there good pics?
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  7. thnx.. i have last years issue also, i think this is the only good reason to buy car n driver.. the pix are ok.. u can find better ones on the website but its still a good read.
  8. they had more than just clutch probs..they had a new one brought in..but still couldnt compete due to other malfunctions
  9. IS THAT A GOLF!? A SUPERCAR?! give me a break, screw Car and Driver
  10. The Golf has 450 hp and does 0-60 in 3.6 seconds so I think that it qualifies for this competition.
  11. so hp and 0-60 can make a car a "supercar"? so maybe next year car and driver can throw in a nascar. it just as butt ugly as a golf...but its got the power :?
  12. You'd have to understand C&D's stand in the competition. Every year they send out invitation, a challenge, if you will, to any tuner, manufacturer and whatnot for this competition. Tuners and small companies like Factory Five or Mosler uses this as perfect publicity to promote their kit, their car and what have you. While usually big companies don't(for good reason, as this competition shown in the past, these car in most cases can easily blow the doors off most "supercars"). Especially in the case of something like SLR, CGT or Enzo, they are usually privately own and not much owner are willing to provide a car in which it will be abused or used to full potential(most owner never use those to full potential).

    It's all voluntary, and who ever turned up will be included in competition.

  14. scanned.. does anyone have the older issues b4 the one w the autothority porsche.
  16. thnx 4 the scans
  17. The Golf is also the number 1 selling german car.
  18. so let me get this straight, the Gallardo got a slower 0-60 time then stock, well thats terrific! And looks like the RS6 stayed the same perfromance wise........... fantastic
  19. Keep in mind what the text says:
    "Since we didn’t use our usual procedure for testing acceleration time (for example, we did not make runs in two directions), we didn’t apply our normal weather correction to the times, so be wary when comparing these results to ones from previous road tests. Judging by the day’s weather conditions, we figure the acceleration numbers published here are probably a few 10ths of a second higher than what we’d normally record."

    "Except for some extra edge in the V-10’s exhaust aria, the Evotech Gallardo feels like the stock car, with enormous grip and seat-squishing thrust. Is it faster? Off the dime, Evotech’s driver opted for safe roll-outs instead of the spasmodic launch control that’s standard on the Gallardo, so the best 60-mph run, 4.8 seconds, was 0.7 second slower than our road-test time set with a stock Gallardo. By the quarter-mile, the gap shrank to within 0.2 second, indicating that the tuned Lambo does indeed carry extra firepower."

    Thanks for the scans BTW, burninthc.
  20. Hah! 0-60 in 3.6 for the SL600, but 3.9 for the RENNTech... what a joke.
  21. I have the special limited on lol, that they were forced to put out of prinitng lol called fourgasm.
  22. Reading the article is usually useful for understanding the results.

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