Car Slogans

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  1. Post Car Slogans.
    Good, Bad, Old, New, Any.

    I'll start
    "When you turn your car on, does it return the favor?" Cadillac CTS
  2. Audi: vorsprung durch Vergewaltigung
  3. That CTS commercial is so false.
  4. Nej
  5. jah
  6. Bugatti: Suck My Dick
  7. I love what you do for me, Toyota! (jump in air, limbs extended, freeze frame)

    We build excitement. Pontiac.

    Have you driven a Ford... lately?

    Heartbeat of America. Chevrolet

    Fahrvergnugen or whatever.

    That's all the 80s/early 90s slogans I can remember.
  8. **** you! Baltimore!
  9. Lee Iacocca: "If you can find a better car, buy it."
  10. Grand Am SE - its race car
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  12. there good
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  14. But it's still +1 to marketing.
  15. Woulden't you really rather have a Buick?
    Not your fathers Olsmobile.
  16. Car slogans are for homos
  17. I saw a Volkswagen poser in the Mech Engg building that said "Derivers wanted". I laughed entirely on the inside, because I didn't want anyone around me to think I thought it was funny.
  18. Sheer Driving Pleasure

  19. not a slogan, but it makes me laugh even though it's probably fake
  20. Scion has their advertising right:

    Hell yes!
    Hell no!

    With checkboxes for the two next to an xB.
  21. She sounds like she's on xanax.
  22. haha

    VW - drivers wanted
    Toyota - get the feeling?
    Dodge - grab life by the horns (they don't use this anymore I don't think)
    Mazda - zoom zoom
    nissan - shift____
    mitsubishi - wake up and drive
    cadillac - life, liberty, and the pursuit
    subaru - the beauty of all wheel drive
    honda - the power of dreams
    lexus - the relentless pursuit of perfection?

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