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  1. My dad is looking for a new car. He wants to spend around 90k euro's, which is 110k in USD. Remember that cars are more expensive here, so a 110k car in America is probably 150k usd here.

    What he wants:

    - either a sedan, stationwagon or a 4x4
    - needs to be able to pull stuff
    - petrol engine
    - car must be new

    i was thinking about a jaguar xf, would be a nice daily driver.
  2. Can't recommend the XF enough, absolutely loved my dads. Stylish, comfortable and if the 3.0 V6 is anything like the old one in the S-Type it's a gorgeous sounding engine (especially in sport mode).

    Failing that, whats something like an M3 Sedan/S4 Sedan/C63 going for in Europe nowadays?
  3. just above 100k, so that's a bit over budget.
  4. Quite a ways down market from the previous suggests but a Subaru Legacy GT is a solid choice with your requirements.
  5. What does he need to pull (tow?)?
  7. Give us some examples of the cars in that price range.
  8. Pick a Touareg with the engine that suits you better.
  9. Audi 8.2rsitfsid w2 wolfsburg quattro

    But for real, sounds like a ballin price range? What are some cars in that category over there?
  10. Range Rover Sport?
  11. mya suggest the bucatti veyron?
  12. caravan and a trailer, dunno the weight of both.
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  14. ill take that one in consideration, thanks
  15. too expensive
  16. audi s4 is within the price range. will take that one in consideration as well!
  17. touareg is possible. i like that car. would be the 3.6 v6 then. v8 is too expensive, let alone the w12 lol
  18. oh lol panda, we think too much alike.
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  20. The 3.0 V6 is a piece of shit. The only engines to get in the XF are the 3.0 TTD or V8s. My dad was offered one in Australia when he was looking for a new car for around 100k, but he didnt like it for some reason.

    Are you sure the 3.0V6 TD RR sport is too expensive, i dont know euro prices, but in Australia its very good value, around $100k also (its actually a lot cheaper list price than an XF.) The engine is sweet and the MY10 cars are awesome, basically a new model compared to the 09 cars. This is what i would recommend.
  21. he doesnt want a diesel.
  22. What a loser, trade him for a better dad.
  23. lol, well if i had the money, i wouldn't buy a diesel either <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

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