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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. What car is this for I wasnt paying attention.
  2. If you wanna do go fast kind of things, why not a Mazdaspeed 3? Or MPS whatever you guys call it, the turbo one.
  3. Mazda 3
  4. I don't want a turbo, i want n/a. Also it's fast enough i think, i just want better handling.
  5. That's the minivan right?
  6. That's quite a nice little splitter. I'm usually against stuff like that if it's pointlessly massive and has no real function (despite being designed to look like it does do something) but that's pretty subtle.
  7. Ls1 conversion
  8. Eww nasty. Reminds me of that guy on this forum who put a LS1 in his mx-5. That ruins the whole purpose of that car.
  9. Almost exactly the combination I installed to my Mini, I think I have B12 set with Eibach springs. So far as good as advertised.
  10. I think the b12+eibach is the same if you buy b8 loose with eibach pro springs.

    How's the ride?
  11. LS2 conversion ?
  12. Isn't the purpose to be a reliable, cheap to build, super fun roadster? LS swap adds less than 10% to the weight of an NA.
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  13. Ls7 swap
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  14. LM5000 swap
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  15. Ride is bearable with my winter 16" 195/55 tires. Summer profile of 18" 215/40 is close to uncomfortable. It does feel very controlled though. Next set of summer tires might see me downgrading to 16 or 17 inc wheels.
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  16. I'm currently on 205/50/R17. Should be comfortable enough i guess.
  17. I'd say be prepared to simply put up with a bit of a firm ride, but if you're a keen driver the benefits should outweigh the disadvantages
  18. I already had sport suspension on my seat ibiza, so i'm used to a firm ride. Shouldn't be a problem i guess.
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  20. I will in time, need to buy a house first, so poof there goes the money.

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