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  1. destroyed an MPS/Speed3 on my way to work today

    He was doing about 65, I was doing 70. fkin OWNED
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  2. did you get his pink slip
  3. Saw a Ferrari Portofino today. Looked surprisingly good.
  4. I saw my first Nissan GT-R maybe a month ago and now a different this week. Telling how rare they are after being sold some ten years.
  5. I've never seen one in the netherlands.
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    where do you live?
    In Australia, I see them probably 2 or 3 times a week, and we have strict import laws

    EDIT: never mind me, apparently they actually sell them here....
  7. what do we think of the gtr? Yawn for me
    rather have half a dozen cars at the same price and even cheaper, probably
  8. I really like the GTR. It's really fast, it sounds great and it's cheap. I would definitely buy one if i had the money. Much more so than a 911.
  9. I only race for pride.
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    I've seen a guy in a pretty new looking GTR a couple of times now who looks at least 70 years old. Driving it like he stole it.

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  11. I would definitely rather have a 911, but really high limits/track times don't interest me much
  12. 911's are so boring imo. I only like the hardcore ones like the gt3 and gt2

    I see base 911's all the time here. Always with old man inside next to trophy wife.
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  13. Would rather have the Chevy NSX, err.. Corvette C8.
  14. There are eight GT-Rs on sale on our national online sales site, which probably covers 100% of any car model sold in Finland. I would guess there are then at least 20-30 GT-Rs around. Cheapest one is a 2009 with 75000km at 77000 euros.

    I like the car but would choose a 911 for similar money. That 80000e buys a 2009 997.2 basic Carrera for reference.
  15. wouldnt mind a 911 and a trophy wife as long as she has a good personality and sense of humor
  16. Spotted a red 911 GT2RS in my hometown. Very unexpected and awesome. :)
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  17. This guy is so relaxing to watch
  18. GTR is a great car, but from where I live, no other car is ruined more by fan boys.

    So Corvette Z06 or ZR1 for me please.
  19. way nicer than the California, for sure.
  20. automotive ASMR
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  21. What's his accent? Irish?
  22. Just saw a Lotus Omega/Carlton.

    Holy shit, dream come true.
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  23. [​IMG]

    installed new licenseplate holders. look much better this way without the ugly ass dealership stickers.
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  24. Not sure on the exact sub-accent within this, if there is one, but he's from the Merseyside/Liverpool area. Most would say he has a Scouse accent, or is a Scouser. Close ties with Ireland, historically.

    The way he says "ingrained winter dirt" at 6:23 is very Scouse.
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  25. A genuine classic. Expensive these days.

    New M3, or a Lotus Carlton? Tough decision?

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