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  1. I like the humblebrag about how his house needs hundreds of thousands spending on it.

    Now we all know burner won't live in a shithole, so it's was a nice way for him to tell all of us that he has hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on his house.
  2. clearly what you have to do is buy a used ute from the 80s. then you can pick up the materials needed to fix your house
  3. also for woot if you're just needing a car to get along for the 2 years and its not a major tax write off for you go for the hyundai. awesome little cars for just a to b stuff
  4. i want a new car too but i dunno if i want something new/nice or older/fun or old/project
  5. It's just a regular family car!
  6. Get another MR2 and drop a K20A in it or something
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    Nah I've done the whole MR2 thing now. Don't think I'd buy another again.

    Kinda want a car with more than 4 doors seeing as I've never had one. Considering a new 1 series for the new option, or a slightly used Golf R for the used option, or ignoring wanting something more practical and getting something properly classic along this line...

    Or something dumb like a +1000,000km AMG/S4/M3
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    Fair enough really... I don't think I'll ever buy the same car twice.

    I do like those old VW Fastbacks... but even without my bias *hnnnnng *** *** **** that 242GT is the one - go faster stripes!

    E46 M3s have dipped under £10k here now but at that price they're mostly convertibles, and probably pretty ropey.
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    those era Volvos are awesome and cost little to fix (not sure about that in australia/new zealand though). can't say enough good things about them.
  10. We never got 2 door 200s in the UK. Much disappointment.

    We never got the 780 either. 426hemi needs to sell his to me.
  11. Will be a 48 month lease. Will cost something around 300 a month.
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    I've never seen a 780 in real life and I live in #$%#ing Volvo land

    Edit: Oh shit I'm lying. I have seen PG Gyllenhammar's (Volvo CEO 1972-1993) company 780 car at the Volvo museum. He had three red cars during his time there.

    These ones:
  13. Will they have a full interior?
  14. Yup. Satnav, aircon etc.
  15. What's the deal when the lease ends? Can you buy the car for a fixed price or do you just lose all your money you've spent? Like, renting the car for two years, or is therer more to it?

    I'm seriously curious as I am looking into various ways of getting a car myself. My job enables me to lease a car for non-taxed money but with a tax-increase due to the car benefit and I am doing a shitload of total cost calculations. Most people here get like Volvo V60s or BMW 3-series though.
  16. polo because it is german, fuel savy and reliable
  17. No a piece of shit is like a $10k car. I need to put everything else into my renovation realistically.
  18. You can buy the car, but you can also Renée the lease and get a new car instead.
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    Oh come on you're being intentionally obtuse now.

    A $10k car is barely a piece of shit.

    Here you go. I just saved you over $9800
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    Find me the best car on for $10,000 in Victoria. I can't find anything. I was thinking of picking up a Nissan Navara D40 for $18k, but Im not sure that will pass the minister of finance.

    Seeing as I just crashed my car twice in 6 months, make it cheap to insure too, so no turbo's, V8s. 4wds are cheap to insure.
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  22. Spend less than a grand and maybe I'll do some legwork for you
  23. You can't buy a running car for less than a grand in Asstralia. Probably nothing under $2k. I think the cheapest runner you can buy would be a 1.3 Ford Fiesta.
  24. well Get a 1.3 Ford Fiesta then. If your budget really is as tight as you say it is, surely another $9k to spend on your house is better than losing 9k on a car that will do nothing but depreciate from the minute you turn the key in the ignition.

    think about it... I'm sure you'll at least be able to buy a shower head or a couple of door handles for your mansion with the money you'd save

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