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  1. Ummm

    I have molested some fruit

    Like various melons and bananas
  2. Uh, I think you mean "rape"
  3. That too. But I did inappropriately fondle those voluptuous melons before the forced intercourse.

  4. This makes me uncomfortable
  5. Good <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

  6. Dude Mcdonalds isn't a fancy Restaurent and the King of Queens isn't actually royalty.
  7. hilarious
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    Worst job I ever had
  9. Also what's "King of Queens"? Some kind of tranny/drag thing?
  10. Also my question was perfectly valid but you keep failing to put a coherent answer together, hence my doubts of your ability to comprehend ├Žngelsch txt.

    A very basic and common thing in most cultures is that it's considered rude and uncivilized to parade around one's (perceived) superiority relative to others, be it about wealth, social status or penis size. Small children know this, yet you constantly do it.

    This is why I ask: Are you being a #$%# on purpose or don't you know how to not be one?
  11. private schooled
    about all you need to know
  12. Speaking of cars, seems like there's some pretty good deals to be had on the V6 Volkswagen CC's.
  13. My answers are perfectly coherent, you just fail in comprehension or understanding any kind of nuance. I don't think Im superior to anyone, I think you should learn to develop of sense of humour. No stop crying and say something interesting.
  14. Noone here thinks you're funny
  15. I resent that.

    Although I got a scholarship for being poor so it doesn't count. I remained humble and down to earth throughout
  16. It's not a "sense of humour" when nobody laughs. You're just being a ****.
  17. Mhm. It seems that I'm not alone in failing to understand these humorous nuances of yours which really does raise some questions about the quality of the delivery.

    Also I don't have anything interesting to say at the moment except random facts about hippos but I'm not going to share them with you because hippo facts are to be shared with nice people.

  18. This is my impression as well. Old money people are usually nice, you know the people with weird old fancy names like von Poopenschmetterling or whatever. They also tend to only use swear words in a positive way, like "that's #$%#ing great!" whereas they don't use those words when they're complaining or are negative about something.

    /tales from the proletariat
  19. Could I have a hippo fact?
  20. Of course.

    Hippos can't swim. Their leg bones are very dense and solid which makes them submergible so they just walk on the river/lake bottom.
  21. I'm thinking that in a year or so when I've got a steady assignment I will get a car through my work. I'm thinking about a budget at around 32k USD. What's the best car you could get for around that?

    Edit: That's about the price for a BMW 118d with M package here which I test drove this weekend.
  22. Fantastic. I did not know that!
  23. How tight are hippos
  24. Probably not very, considering the size of hippo calves.

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