Cars you hate

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by dalla, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Here is my list:

    Anything Chinese
    Anything Korean
    Chrysler Neon
    Chrysler PT Cruiser
    Chrysler 300
    Most Russian and eastern cars, with a few exceptions
    All Suzukis the Liana in particular
    VW Tourans (because of the people who drive them here)
    All Huyndais (i really really hate them)
    Porsche Boxters
    Porsche Cayennes
    (and almost all other SUVS except the Range Rover Sport)
    Toyota Celicas (except the old ones)
    Toyota Supras
    Toyota Prius
    Most Honda Civics that have been modded.
    Peugeot 406 (except the coupe which is allright)
    Most Citroëns (especially the Xantia)
    First gen Ford Mondeo's
    Nissan 100 NX
    Nissan 280 ZX
    Mitsubitshi Colts
    Volvo 440/460/480
    Most Opels except the Omega Lotus and the Speedster
    Pontiac Fieros and Trans Ams
    Chevrolet Camaros except the two first gens.
    All Mustangs except the first gen and some special models.
    Fiat Tempras
    Fiat Tipos
    Audi 100's and 200's

    Probably a lot more cars, but will have to think about it.
    Please post your list.

    Ferrari 360
    Ferrari 308/328 but i love the 308GT4 and the 288 GTO

  2. 1st gen mondos??? wtf dalla? and most citroens???
  3. LOL, fist gen Mondeos are the most bland looking cars ever. And for Citroëns i guess i like the hot hatches like the AX GT and The ZX 16V. But cars like the Xantia are just bland everymans cars without any kind of pedigree.
  4. anything chrysler
    anything hyundai
    anything daewoo(chevrolet)
    anything kia
    fiat multipla
    ford ka
    anything honda except for the nsx and the integra's
    anything american basically, but we don't get any models from them, so no care really.
    anything opel/vauxhall
    anything australian(seriously wtf, same with american cars though)
    toyota prius
  5. they look bland now, but everything did back in 1993. it did look better than its rivals back then. and for the citroen thing, do you like the BX??
  6. the only cars i really hate are priuses and pt cruisers. and pickups that are soo freaking big its stupid
  7. some of the new Ferrari's I guess
  8. Anything with a Volkswagen badge.
    I'm not a big fan of Fiats, Vauxhalls, Peugeots or Maseratis either, but 'hate' is a bit too strong a word.
  9. oh yeah i hate the f430/enzo
  10. Most asian cars
  11. BMW Z4 and...

    I can't remember more cars that I HATE.
  12. Modern american cars...LoL -->
  13. toyota echo
    geo tracker
    geo metro
    chevy chevette
    chevy citation
    chevy celebrity
    chevy/geo spectrum
  14. Whatever that Kia is that plays dress up Subaru STI Style. Ahh yes, Kia Rio 'Tuner Edition', lol.
  15. Aztec
    Grand Am
    those big new mercedes minivans... GL?
    any cop car (especially the crown vic)
    minivans in general probably

  16. There aren't many cars I actually hate, there are plenty I think are ugly though. The Hummer H2 and H3 are shit though, as well as pretty much all Chinese cars as far as I can tell.
  17. Chrysler, Dodge.
  18. Aztec
    Buicks...except the Regal
    most '90s cars
  19. Hating a car because of its origin is retarded.
  20. Everything chinese
    Most American cars
    Tesla roadster
    SShit Aero
  21. #$%# yoo.
  22. SSC ultimate. Prius. new thunderbird. civic si.
  23. Prius too.

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