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  1. Since a lot of people here are ninjaneers, are you working in Catia, or Pro/E or SolidWorks or some other CAD program? I have not studied any of this as an industrial engineer but I've just recently starting playing around with Catia V5 for fun as it could be handy if I'd like to browse through some models.

    In before Catia is surrender monkey Dassault Systemes program.
  2. i use solidworks at work which i love. i've used autodesk's autocad in the past, but i can't say i'm a fan
  3. #$%#, I just typed out some stuff and my phone deleted it.

    Anyway, I use SolidWorks as well. Love it. It is Dassault surrender monkey too.

    I will probably attend a SW course early next year. You could probably gain a lot from that if you can pitch the idea to your boss.
  4. when I used to do engineering work we used

    Unigaphics - for GM and most american stuff
    Solid works

    each company had its specific cad program , I think Catia was the euros and solid works was the jap stuff

    seems like ages ago

  5. I occasionally use SolidWorks, but I do very little mechanical design so its rare.
  6. Solidworks and ProE. We have a couple catia machines because some customers still request that for their solid models.
  7. At Volvo Trucks, Powertrain uses ProE and the rest Catia. Standardized work procedures throughout the corporation FTW.
  8. It seems every ~5 years they switch it up at my work. I was sourcing drawings for a design review and on one program found drawings made in Autocad, ProE and Soldiworks.
  9. CAD stuff is the #$%#ing bollocks. As I said I just started playing around with the stuff in December but you can really make some neat models quite easily. Now I'm making a 3D model of a car using profile pictures within the workbench tracing the contours and lines and stuff and it is starting to look great.

    I used to think that modelling cars was hard as shit, but you can get away quite easily and still make it look all advanced. It is fun as hell also.
  10. I love that you say bollocks.
  11. It's an old Volvo, isn't it?

    Two extrusions. Four cuts for the wheels. Some fillets. Done deal.
  12. Bentley Microstation
  13. Siemens NX (formerly known as Unigraphics)

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