Cayman S or Z06

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by 5hun, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Both cars are the same price range so they should be a good comparison. I am sorry if this has already been created.

    I prefer the Cayman S becase of its looks, and it is probally constructed better and is probally more comfortable to drive in.
  2. "it's constructed better" in what way?
    "its more comfortable to ride in" have you ridden in both?
  3. Cayman. And although the construction quality is debatable, it probably does ride better, as the Z06 is more of a track machine than the porsche.
  4. i said probally, meaning im not sure, but im assuming since they are the same price and the Z06 price is mainly consumed by its engine that there has to be something the porsche has on it, but anyway i like the porsche better, just look at it and you can see why.
  5. Cayman, because I'm a fanboi
  6. since the cayman came out, everyone should be a fanboy of porsche
  7. "price is mainly consumed by it's engine"

    not entirely true...

    carbon fiber fenders
    magnesium roof structure
    im pretty sure the aluminum frame is expensive as well
  8. Thank you for correcting me, but still i could immagine the Cayman S is a more comforable car to drive in
  9. Evo disagrees, they thought that Z06 would be like the GT3. They discovered that it was very refined and rode better than the standard C6. They said it was more of a 911 turbo competitor.
  10. The Porsche is gayness. Would get the Vette.
  11. Z06. Jesus Christ....
  13. Cayman without a doubt
  14. I'd pick a 997s, 997TT, 997 GT3 all over the Z06 but the Cayman S... If it had just a lil more power I'd go with it but as it is.. I dunno! The Z06 would push you back into your seat harder.
  15. Probably the Z06. I dunno
  16. Z06 hands down
  18. cayman. don't like the z06
  19. Z06 probably. But it's more expensive than the Cayman S plus more expensive to maintain.
  20. the Cayman probably would be more fun to drive as it offers less weight and a better handling than the Z06
  21. Porsche is gayness????!!!!!! Are you out of you mind?
    Besides, can you imagine what Porsche addict will say when he'll see your post!!!!??????
  22. Whaaaa?
  23. It is more expensive than Cayman S. 59,000 USD vs 65,000 USD.

    Even more so here: 83,000 for the Cayman, 96,000 for the Z06

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