CCR Evo vs. 911 S Cab

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ANP, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Option 3 your mom.
  2. 911 S Cab? LOL.
  3. Yeah. Who would compare a CCR with a 911 S?
  4. I know it's a ridiculous comparison
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  6. LOL
    The 911 is actually faster than Ksegg in a specific place on the track
  7. Difference in lap times looks more like GT3 vs 911 S Cab. Pretty underwhelming performance for the Koenigsegg.
  8. Same laptime as the C6 Z06 apparently.
  9. yeah a car like the K'segg needs a pro race car driver and possibly some fine tunning of the suspension settings to extract the best lap time.
  10. Or you can get a grandma behind a real car like a GT-R and lap faster.
  12. Even the stig couldn't get the GT-R anywhere near CCX's time on the TG track, and the same would happen on any track as long as it's setup properly with a skilled driver behind the wheel.
  13. I just found out that it was done in the wet and they didn't even try to set the fastest lap which makes it damn impressive
  14. CCX is shit
  15. and yet its better than the gtr
  16. sure
  17. from the Gs they were pulling in the bends, it looks like they were trying to set the fastest lap they could. why would they go through the trouble of recording data (times, traps, Gs etc) and not have aimed for the fastest lap.

    of course if it was done in the wet it does make it more impressive as the CCR sees a bigger disadvatage with all that power.
  18. although this comment is childish, i have to say i wasnt expecting it and made me lol
  19. I love this quote from the article by Robin Rudholm who set the lap times.

    "Comparison between this and the Porsche? as between F1 and Truck racing ..."
  20. well, the Koenigsegg is known for its heavy steering and instability under brakes.

    It also sounds like one.
  21. Horrible comparison... Mitsubishi vs Porsche????? lmfao
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