Centrifugal supercharged vette'

Discussion in '2000 Lingenfelter 650 Corvette' started by 67chevelle, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. All the recent talk has been mainly about twin turbo setups. Centrifugal supercharges, such as Procharger and Vortech produce the same amount of boost and cfm if not more then most turbos and have absolutely no turbo-lag, although i understand that the twin turbo setups have very little if any. I would like to see what a twin procharged C-5 would do compared to the lingenfelter twin turbo
  2. Supercharging vs. Turbocharging

    Due to way centrifugal superchargers are installed, only one can be put on an engine. Procharger has a kit which has yielded 644 rwhp at 7 lbs of boost with twin intercoolers. This, of course, is after some power was lost in the drivetrain. Procharger has superchargers that run at higher boost levels, but problems with factory internal engine components, street legality, as well as the air temperature make 7 lbs of boost a much more reasonable option. The Lingenfelter would still be faster due to increases in engine volume, engine components and the level of refinement that comes with the Lingenfelter package.

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