Challenge of a 'Vette redesign: Don't screw it up

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    What's the most difficult car to design at General Motors?

    Here's a hint: It has two seats.

    "Everyone wants to design a Corvette, but it is hard work," says Ed Welburn, who heads GM's global design.

    The redesigned car could appear in the fall of 2013 as a 2014 model year, as reported in this blog last spring.

    "Finding that right balance" is a challenge. "You want it to be a new design, but it needs to be recognizable as a Corvette," says Welburn, who was interviewed at the Frankfurt motor show.

    He describes today's car as "nice" but quickly adds that "sales are very weak."

    Last year Chevrolet sold 12,624 Corvettes, the lowest level since the early 1960s. In the past 10 years, the Corvette's best year was 2006, when 36,518 were sold. Through August, 9,123 Corvettes have been sold, a 5 percent increase over the same period last year.

    Welburn says the redesigned car must have a wider appeal.

    Generally speaking, most of Corvette's buyers age-wise fall into the 50s and above category -- numbers that place a big question make on Corvette's long-term viability.

    Welburn is short on words when it comes to describing the redesigned Corvette, but yet his words grab your attention.

    The redesigned Vette will make "a bit of a shift to appeal to younger customers." Shorter, narrower? He won't say.

    As the design for the next generation nears finalization, there is another thought running through Welburn's head and he says:

    "You don't want to be the guy who screwed it up."

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  2. they should mix it up
    engine on the right side, people on the left side
    trunk should be a detachable cargo carrier

    come on
    rock the boat corvette
    an american revolution
  3. Fit to be in a Michael Bay movie.
  4. hope its made of metal and comes with a fuel efficient v6
  5. wish it was a hybrid
  6. I imagine it's a lot like designing the next 911.
  7. noibody wants to hear from your imagination
  8. they'll add some leds
  9. Did I mention the 340hp V8?
    yeah, stfu.
  10. Is this a new meme I havent caught on yet or something?
  11. 12,000 cars last year and thats considered a slow year? Those are still huge numbers for a 60grand car most buy as a weekend toy.
  12. Give it a modern Cadillac interior or GTFO.
  13. forced meme it seems
  14. They've all looked the same since the C4, and the next one probably wont be much different.
  15. I wonder if it will look like the Stingray concept from few years ago.
  16. wonder something less stupid
  17. they should do the split window again. and t tops. side exhaust. cool american shit. keep the truck interior. no one cares anyways apparently.
  18. lol
  19. This. The best thing GM could do is offer different seats for people with different frames. I hate fat people seats!

    They are not going to veer much from a formula that has worked. It will still be a practical, two-seat sports car that can be driven comfortably daily and kick butt on the track. So expect the typical font engine, RWD setup with styling cues of C2 and C3 Corvettes.

    I would LOVE to see them go lighter and smaller like Elise style, but it's not going to happen. Well, at least not the smaller part.
  20. Biggest complaint about the C5/C6 are the seats.
  21. the seats inthe c5/c6 are by far the best/$$, and are also very fast i might ad
  22. even the last civic si had disgustingly wide fat people seats

    might as well not even have bolsters
  24. could you imagine screwing up the Corvette though
    just imagine
    the heartache
  25. what defines "screwing up?"

    it'll still sell hella as long as it has a big engine and shit. no die hard vettegina will go "wow, this roof flies off, I want a GTR/911 now"

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