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  1. I'm throwing around ideas for building a tube frame chassis with pushrod suspension. So if you guys could help me out and post some pictures of tubular spaceframes, that would be awesome.
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    This is a Factory Five Roadster (Cobra replica)

    In their website they have more picsof this and the other models.
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    Hell yeah. Thanks man.
  4. Man, that's a shame. What was the cause of death?
  5. LOL'd at Dahldrin.

    So sad though <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  6. formula SAE forums are a good source for info. Theyre basically what youre looking at.

    and from the looks of it, anything that was done in the 2nd pic should be avoided at all costs.
  7. That 2nd picture was from a guy doing a Locost build. Trust me, I wasn't going to replicate what that guy did in that picture, it was just there to give me an idea on how it was supposed to work. I guess I should have posted this picture instead.
  8. seriously wtf were they thinking?
  9. better, but still some fundamental problems there.
  10. Could you explain? Just to warn you, I'm far from an engineer, so if you could break it down Barney style, that would be great.
  11. look how the left ventricular flange connects to the auxiliary actuator. despicable
  12. his flux capacitor is installed at the wrong angle
  13. none of it is really very complex, so no worries. heres some of the things im noticing:

    The two bars down the middle (unless im missing a secondary function) are doing nothing but adding weight. Tube frame cars need to be designed around triangulated nodes. all of the stresses should ideally go through nodes. What this means is that (ideally), all of the tubes form triangles on the frame. 4 and 5 sided things are weak and flexible. the green lines in the pic would be two options to help correct this.

    Second: The suspension pickup isnt at a node. While its not far from one, putting it at the node wouldnt be any more difficult and is better. This isnt terrible, but could be improved.

    Third: The bellcrank (pivot point between push-pull rod and the shock/spring) is both on a large tab, and far from the frame. This is the highest stress location of the car, and you want it close to the stiffest nodes. causes less deflection in the frame.

    Fourth: The shock goes back to the suspension instead of the frame. While this isnt total shit (and reasonably common, for simplicities sake), it adds a ton of unsprung mass to the car.

    also, if you really wanna do a build like this, you really need to start reading up bigtime on suspension geometry. Its a pretty complex and important subject for something like this. getting all of that roll center propagation and shit right is a big task.

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