CHEAP, wait is it?

Discussion in '2005 Hennessey SRT-10 Viper Venom 1000 Coupe' started by Krillmeister, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Point being, you can buy the tuning stuff yourself if you buy a standard Viper, but if you buy a henessey they've already chosen stuff.

    So i'd rather choose stuff myself !.
    not some crazy ol' fool
  2. thats is understandable
  3. With the Hennessey Viper you get solid engineering, hundreds of hours of testing, professional installation, and a warranty. Sounds like a good deal to me, especially considering the only other 1000 hp car with all these things costs over a million dollars (Bugatti Veyron).
  4. why would you wanna do it yourself, if you had the money it would be sick but if you do, f%ck that i would rather take it to hennessy and get it done by people that know what there doing and you would have the most amazying car EVER
  5. Solid engineering?
  6. Solid engineering?
  7. I'd say it's solid. Hennessey is known and respected for the work they do with Vipers. Lingenfelter on the other hand...

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