Check out that 0-100 time!

Discussion in '1995 Ford GT90 Concept' started by GT40 Mk 1 Gulf, Mar 12, 2004.

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    Have you seen Chrysler's new supercar? Its such a knockoff of the GT90. Quad-Turbo V-12 generating only 120 hp more and a body design that is nearly identical in shape. Thats such BS.
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    Yea and it is soo hyped.... ME 4-12. I mean it is a nice car and it is going into production but it like the Ford GTs better no matter lol.
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    That car wont make production. Chrysler would go bankrupt. Then again, bastard Benz might be doing it to do just that, thus taking out one of the Big Three. Looks like its up to GM and good ol FORD to keep America on its feet.

    The Ford GT though, will probably be better in turning/handling. But it'll get its ass handed to it in accelleration/speed.
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    They actually are talking about putting it in production but it will be like Bugatti production about 50 a year.
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    Talking about it? That doesnt sound too confident. Chrysler would lose ALOT of money of that car, but whatever. I still think Ford should sue cuz its basically identical in looks to a GT90. Plus, 800 horsepower? They couldnt afford that. Plus, doesnt Le Mans require that the car have atleast so many street-legal models sold? 800 hp will NOT be street-legal.
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    Yea 800 isnt street legal and i think you can have about 75 sold as street cars for it to be used.
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    so then why make it?
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    yea i dont really know i just heard a bunch of rich ppl said they would buy them at the Auto Show and then they sort of said hey y not make it.... Im not to sure but i think a bunch of ppl said they'd buy it.
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    Those rich people probably are too naive to realize that 800 horses is nothing to mess with. Watch, they're gonna cut everyone else off on the streets should it be produced thinkin that their 800 horses is king of the road. And I mean, who wouldnt do that? But sadly, in anyone's hands, that thing will be VERY dangerous.
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    Well first I should start out by saying I'm glad Chrysler is making this car. There's nothing wrong with trying something different, especially if it looks this promising. About how well this car will sell, I don't think it will sell any better (or worse) than all the other 700+ bhp hypercars that have been produced over the years. Chrysler knows this car will not be in everyone's driveway. The price has never been confirmed from my understanding, but I'm estimating no higher than $650,000.

    And "rich snobs" who buy cars of this speed and power are generally well aware of what they are getting into. Maybe there are people here and there who figure they have over 20 million dollars, so they might as well just blow it on the latest and fastest supercar. But for the most part, they never spend that much on cars unless they know alot about it. Besides, who's to say that ignorant rich people are not using Enzos, S7s, Moslers, Carrara GTs, etc. as weapons already?
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    $650,000? This (GT90) costed an estimated $7--,---. And the Chrysler version (which is more like a knockoff if ya ask me) has another 130 horses. Theres no way in hell its costing less, especially since the 600 hp Carrera GT costs $650,000. But yes, I realize that rich snobs drive all kinds of fast cars, not only GT90 knockoffs (sorry, Im real pist at Chrysler for copying what Ford did 10 years ago, heh).
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    "$650,000? This (GT90) costed an estimated $7--,---. And the Chrysler version"

    Well it was just an estimate. Maybe it will be over 700 grand. How could the GT90 cost anything. It was never produced, this will be.

    "(sorry, Im real pist at Chrysler for copying what Ford did 10 years ago, heh)."

    Why do you feel Chrysler is copying the GT90? The ONLY similarities they have is the quad turbos. It looks nothing like the GT90 imo, and I would think if Chrysler was trying to copy anything, they would copy a car that was actually produced. If you wanna talk about copying, how about what Ford did to the Ferrari 360 when they were making the GT. They actually bought a 360, ripped it apart, and took notes.

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    Well yea a lot of cars got Quad turbo and most of them are usless after 2 because most people that put 4 turbos on just make most of them half ass. I admit i like the idea of Chrysler trying to get into the performance market. They did make a car that looks slightly similar to the GT90 but this car handles flawlessly..... i mean it creates 750 lbs of downforce at about half speed. I hate saying something Crysler made something i like but i could really say that i think this is a performing machine rather or not it becomes production or even if it is a copy..... also i love Ford anyway and since the GT90 isnt exactly a good to make because it was nothin compared to the GT40s. A lot of ppl didnt like the GT90 so i am waiting for a good test on the ME 4-12.
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    Actually, I think the GT90 gets good downforce (i dont exactly know how much, Im merely assumming by its functional/rising spoiler). It rises when the car hits like 100 MPH. So its definately. The GT90 also has some sort of sonar-like system that alerts the driver when he's coming close to an object in his blind spot. And the qhole quad turbo thing was to eliminate/lessen turbo lag. If you have 4 turbos, one powering the other which powers the next and so forth (or maybe a dual-twin turbo setup) one turbo powers the other which allows for better PSI added. I dont know. I personally tink the GT90 was designed to show the world the technology that a car company had. Hell, some of that stuff is still ahead of the time.
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    there are only 12 or 13 962's in existance and there is a limit of 50 possible units
    so no
    there are not more than 100 of them you dumbass
  16. I really don't understand when someone states that one car is fast but a jackass always has to come come alongand say that another car is faster. For instance this thread. "wow thats a fast time for a car that is 10 years old." "The dauer is faster."
    Who gives a shit? The statement was not created to be competed against, It was created to say that a certain car has a fast time. That is it.
  18. Read the above quote dipshit.

    That's why I posted that.

    Allow me to enlighten all you other dumbasses in here:

    The Dauer was released to the public due to homologation requirements, just like the Nissan R390, and all other LM cars of the class. NOT because a bunch of drunk bourgeoise at some cocktail party decided they wanted one or whatever other reasons you morons came up with. It comes with all the creature Comforts of a Luxury car, can seat 3 like the McLaren F1, and 7 have been built and sold every year since it was first released to the public, meaning that there are 77 owned and driven by the public, more than enough for me to consider it a production car. Case closed.

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