Chevy Beretta?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Magnotron, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. yeah, if you going for something older, japanese cars are prolly better choice
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    The transmissions are crap in them. I had a 91 SE and had to put 3 trannies in it, in two years. 89-91 had 160hp also, VG30E motor, also Berettas are not bad cars the 3.1 is not a bad motor they just have a bias against GM and no matter how good a GM car is they will tell you it is a piece. I used to be a mechanic and I know for a fact you can 250,000 miles out of the old 3.1s. The only things to look for is the head gaskets and the intakes tend to leak, but not as often as the newer 3100s.
  3. I have an anti-GM bias? I have three different generations of the SBC in the driveway or machine shop, I'm picking up a TH400 today...3 out of 4 cars at my house are GM.

    The Maxima is a nice car, around '94 that is.

    The GM 3.1 is a hunk of shit. I've done 13 engine installs in my life and 5 of them were for the 3.1. That should tell you something.
  4. 3.1 is weak when neglected
    the trans is weak altogether
    don't get a heretta

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    i had more experience with them than anyone could have even if they owned 2 or 3 berettas. I worked on a GM 2.8/3.1/3.4 car at least 3 hours a week minimum.

    sure if it wasnt neglected it might last a decent while, but most are neglected, and this one doesnt sound like an exeption.
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    No, some cars just won't fall apart, the Beretta is one car that can fall apart even with regular maintainance. The only way to keep that car from falling apart is to replace major stuff before it gets a chance to #$%# up.
  8. Orrrr to just take care of it. I know mine did and I didnt even take care of it that well.
  9. Exactly how long did you drive it....and you just said you had to replace stuff on it. What gives?
  10. Name a car that won't fall apart.
  11. My Tacoma. It won't fall apart, I've tried.
  12. Nice try that is a truck, and they will fall apart a friend of mine had to get the motor rebuilt, and do suspension work to one, every vehicle, or machine can and will break.
  13. It doesn't matter if it's a truck or not. But your right, it all depends of what you do with the car, if you treat is like sh!t, well then ya, it will fall apart. But I would do some more research on that car, like problems it had and is the previous owner the kind of person that would treat it like sh!t.
  14. Wrong, it won't fall apart. It is one of those vehicles that just doesn't fail for a very long time when properly maintained. Why don't you explain why the motor needed a rebuild?

    You don't seem to understand what was ment when I said fall apart. A beretta will fall apart, meaning that even when properly maintained it can fail.
  15. I'm not even going to argue about this, EVERY car, truck, van will eventually fail period. There are Tacomas that have only lasted a few years, and there are Berettas that have lasted 15+ years with out "falling apart". It is a machine made up of many parts, that even properly maintained can fail. Seals can break, o-rings go bad, gaskets wear, you even said "doesn't fail for a very long time", it still fails.
  16. You're right, you arn't gonna argue this because you don't understand what was said.
  17. Loud Noises.
  18. will it last a year w/ regular maintenance? thats all i ask, and thanks for posting that site w/ all the gas mileage ratings
  19. It will. Just take a good look at it before you buy it. But it should.
  20. You don't seem to understand that eventually all vehicles fall apart period.
  21. I don't think you have to worry too much about the Beretta, my drivers ed teacher had a 3.1litre corsica for ten years that he instructed with and it never fell apart. He was sort of an amateur mechanic, but nothing too serious and he never had to replace anything major despite the abuse it took from drivers who are just learning how to drive. And since the Corsica and the Beretta are pretty much the same, you should have no problems if you're just going to use it for a year or two. The 3.1L isn't very exciting but that does not make it a bad engine.
  22. That would be quite an assumption there, since that has nothing to do with what I said. That would be your take on what I said, not mine.
  23. either you are full of shit or you were treating the transmission like shit (droping from N to D)

    maxima is a better car than beretta, more reliable, more comfortable, an d probably better handling, and thats a fact.

    I know for a fact that you can get 300,000 miles out of vg30e
  24. If that is the problem, I have some good advice:

    1. Maintain the vehicle
    2. Don't bag the tranny

    There we go, problems solved. Parts for an old american vehicle are alot easier to get and cheaper than an old imported vehicle. When it comes to cheap transportation, a beretta is just fine. the shop I worked at used a corsica for a shuttle vehicle and had I don't know how many KM (well over 200K) and it ran fine. Find one with good maintainance history and they get along fine. I personally am fond of the chevettes to ultimate in economy daily drivers, but they are going up in prices and where I live the values are skyrocketing with decent condition ones going for over 2000 dollars. (mine is worth 2500)
  25. I'm not arguing that a Maxima isn't better than a Beretta, I know that it is, what I'm saying is that the Maxima's transmission isn't very good, every Maxima that I have seen with over 175,000 miles has had trans issues. The motor is awesome, if the trans matched the motor I would still have the car.

    P.S. I loved my Maxima, so that would be a good chice, I would recommend that you get a 5-speed however, and a Maxima will be about $1000 more than a Beretta.

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