Chris Harris and the Singer 911

Discussion in 'Videos and Sounds' started by Porsche addict, Jan 18, 2013.

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  2. So awesome. It's kinda like the Eagle E-Type though. I'd have to have absolutely stupid amounts of money to consider buying one.
  3. i want one SO bad.
  4. I hate porsche
  5. if only Porsches we're so overpriced!!

    very good video though, but 300k for such a car...
  6. i love the singer 911 and i don't think it's THAT overpriced, i just hate how it's become the "fixie" of cars right now.
  7. What? Don't even make that connection, I never read that.
  8. $300k is too much.
  9. can you elaborate on what you mean fixie of cars right now?
  10. yeah I'm curious about this too, since he bought one and drove like 10 miles on it.
  11. "fixie" bicycle. like hipster cult.
  12. Hipster cult?
  13. A real "hipster" car would a beetle or a 356 replica not a classic 911.

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