Christmas. What does it mean to you?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by gempto, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. If you ever talked to an open minded jew and an open minded muslim you will learn that most of them do.
  2. oh like P996T
  3. This thread should be turned into a poll...Presents!!
  4. you're just a stupid atheist who happens to do so because you're a freak.

    few muslims and jews truly celebrate christmas. the jews, even less so ill bet. in fact, being one who comes from an area with a very large jewish population, the only jews i actually knew/know who celebrated christmas were those who were former jews or lived in christian families (like my grandfather).

    so you're full of shit.

    oh, and any atheist who celebrates christmas, chances are they celebrate it as the "season of giving" or some sentimental holiday w/ the family and friends. not the dumbass reason you gave. the same can be said about many of the muslims and jews who actually do 'celebrate' christmas.
  5. Wow, a new tupperware citizen!
  6. you have the mentality of P996T
  7. Christmas means Christmas themed lingerie.
  8. Did I say that, Mr. Sanchez?
  9. Its ok homero.... dumb people are allowed to have their opinions.
  10. Pretty much, yeah.
  11. prove me wrong.

    and that name you're calling us is as lousy as your english.
  12. Islam believes Christ to be a very important prophet.
  13. calling people dumb and not including yourself is hypocritical
  14. If you don't believe Jesus was special (divine and such) why the hell would you celebrate him? Don Cherry is much cooler than Jesus, and no one celebrates his birthday.
  15. and your point? never heard of Muslims celebrating Jesus's birthday for its actual meaning
  16. I don't need to prove you wrong since all my jewsih and muslim friends celebrate the birth of Jesus drinking and partying.
  17. So, I can't go to a friends birthday party, to celebrate his birthday?
  18. Jews dont even believe Jesus was in fact the Messiah spoken about in the old testament so whats their reason for celebrating
  19. lmao...
  20. It's what Jesus would have wanted.
  21. exactly my point, you dont give a shit whos bday it is, its just a reason to have a party
  22. A better analogy would be celebrating the birthday of someone you didn't know or care about.
  23. Maybe, cheers!
  24. they dont celebrate it as the birth of christ, they celebrate it as a public holiday, ergo a reason to drink and party. which in and of itself basically proves my point.

    then again if your friends are anything like you.......
  25. I do give a shit abot whose bday it it... I wont go to just anyone birthday party, only if they are a friend or family and I care about them.

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