Christmas. What does it mean to you?

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  1. not American soldiers
  2. you think religious fundamentalists to be so ignorant or closed-minded, but people like you are just as bad. and both of you cause plenty of problems in the world.
  3. No, dude. Is your stupid government who's causing problems to the world. Keep skiping the argument.
  4. ^
    has the Downs
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    Yeah... because of .0001% of muslims think it, then all of them think it. Again, you are totally ignorant.
  6. this coming from the same person who keeps saying bush is a "liar".

    keep it up.
  7. Your leader is a liar, what's wrong with that?
    Are you going to cry?
  8. again, keep it up. it's common for you not to have a real point, much how you say "bush should apologize for lying". it's a bullshit point, and you do it again.
  9. come on man... its not cool to dis the soldiers in Iraq like that.
  10. I wouldn't care if his lies didn't cost so many innocent lives.
    But now I understand how did he win: all the tupperware amd brainwashed citizens voted for him.
  11. this thread is about christmas, guys....

    damnit,...they need a politics/war forum
  12. There's an owned and funny pic of a guy burning an US flag and burning himself. I can't see the difference with this.
    I'm not showing dead bodies, just funny situations.
  13. omfg a BROKEN HUMMEr..aashhahahhasjas;klak OMGWTF LOLZ!

    shut your face
  14. As long as you mean no disrespect to the soldiers...

    Although its making a laughing matter out of a very serious situation of good people. The guy that lit himself on fire was a bastard terrorist, ergo, it was ok that he light himself on fire.
  15. you are dumb if u think he hasant shown disrespect by showing a obvious terrorist attack on soldiers with ones head on fire
  16. I disrespect the invasion, Bush and the people who support him.
  17. His helmet, not his head.
    He's invading a country.
    You would the same to the invaders in their place.
  18. ok last time i checked the helmet goes on the head
  19. Hurray, Captain Obvious.
  20. Definitely, that way the subject doesn't make its way into all the other forums.
  21. Blame CSL.
    He can't understand that people around the world celebrate Christmas no matter their religion.
  22. that is funny because the moron pours gas all over the flag, gets it all over his arms and then lights the match
  23. Agree, that's funny.
    My pics are funny too.
  24. it had nothing to do with politics untill you showed the buring soldier

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