Chrysler 300C vs 300C SRT8

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by CommandoV8, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. I'm debating, seriously, buying my first Chrysler product in three decades, the new 300C. I drove it, and was impressed.

    Will wait for two things to happen. See how well these cars hold up to use by the buying public, and, check out the new SRT8 when it arrives in the Spring.

    The first reason is obvious. Chrysler's quality has been spotty for decades. I've been driving Lincoln Town Cars for comfort, and BMW M3's for performance. The idea of a big, comfortable cruiser that moves and handles is, shall we say, seductive to an old muscle car owner like myself. My first ride was a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner 383.

    Anybody else in a similar quandry?

  2. What is the difference between the 300C w/ the Hemi, and the 300C SRT-8?
  3. The SRT-8 has different brakes, suspension, and a 6.1L Hemi rather than the 5.7.
  4. Wow, this is a no-brainer, go for the SRT-8.
  5. Whats the HP difference?
  6. i think 75 more..
  7. 300C=340hp. SRT-8=425hp
  8. what's the price difference?
  9. They haven't release prices yet, but most people are assuming it will be low $40s. Definetly go for the SRT, its gonna ride rougher than the standard car, but the blazing performance will more than make up for it!
  10. I wish I could be in a similar quandry...
    But I'd say go for the SRT-8. If the ride really bothers you, I'm sure an aftermarket wheel/tire and suspension combo will improve matters. Most stock tires and springs/shocks for cars in this price range are pretty much crap anyway. Swapping the 6.1 liter engine, brakes, and suspension on the standard car would be much more costly. See the MOPAR catalog to see what it would take to bring the standard car up to SRT-8 levels, without the SRT-8's wheel and tire package. If you can even do it, it'll cost another small fortune. Could go aftermarket, but there goes your warranty (if that matters to you).
  11. Price isn't the object, here. I can afford the more costly SRT8. It's RELIABILITY of Chrysler Products, and Dealer Support, that counts most here. You can always talk me into higher horsepower and exclusitivity.

    I checked into the 300C Forums, and it's filled with service, dealer, and quality gripes...

    That's why I'm waiting for awhile to see if Chrysler wipes out the bugs and gets used to servicing this new model...

  12. you got it right, its always best to wait for the first year bugs to clear out and go for the second batch of revised vehicles. i drove the car as well and the ride, though a big sluggish(afterall its a 4000lbs car basically) the car felt stable, cornered decently and accelerated hard and smoothly. the interior and exterior quality also seems to be quite good for the money. if you want more performance than spaciousness, you might also want to consider the CTS-V, which is slightly up the price ladder though. its drivetrain is pretty sturdy and since it shares its powertrain with the Z06 the bugs have already been mostly dealt with.

    quick question, are you willing to go for a slightly used car or is this primarily a new car search? in the same price range there are a few very nice big performance sedans on the market, from year 2000 and up(bmw M5, mb amg cars, lexus gs430 etc etc).
  13. Go for it!! (but the CTS-V sounds tempting)
  14. I'd wait a couple years
    who knows how things will turn out
  15. Years?
  16. he should wait till 2015 when the car is dirt cheap to buy used. by then the bugs will be worked out too.
  17. It's never a good idea to buy the first couple of model years of a new car, they usually still have a lot of bugs to work out.
  18. there is no price difference if your a car theif, go for the srt-8
  19. When I drove the 300C, I found it to be fairly nimble for such a big, heavy cruiser, but, I've been driving Lincoln Town Cars throughout the 90's. It's fast for a big ride, 0-60 are @ 6 secounds (or less, according to some tests).

    The SRT8 would be the one to get. 0-60 @ 5.3 seconds (conservative, according to Chrysler, who doesn't want to dissapoint the reviewers).

    Now, THAT'S fast...

    But, I'm going to wait...

  20. If you're willing to spend a little more:

    Audi A6, BMW 5, Cadillac 05 STS or CTS-V, Jag S-Type-R or XJR

  21. Naaa...None of those rides intrigue me.

    Audi A6...Nice Ride, not my cup o' tea

    BMW 5 Series...Bangle-ized, ugh!

    Caddies...Nice, don't like the looks of them

    Jags... nice, but not a new look.

    By the way, I own a 2002 M3 Cabriolet, loaded with every option, great car

  22. Wait until the 06 Mustang Cobra is released and get that.
    Or yea get the SRT-8
  23. you gotta love n00bs who claim they are strapped with cash & own exotic cars right off the bat. Makes you wonder if they are legit. This isn't the first one I've seen lately.
  24. I know, but waiting yearS, seems a little drastic... In years there will be other cars, probably better ones.... what are you gonna do? wait for those to get their problems solved?... more years?

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