Chrysler announces production of new Pentastar V6

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    Leftlane first reported months ago that Chrysler was hard at work developing a new V6 – first codenamed the Phoenix, later changed to the Pentastar – some months ago. Now, Chrysler makes it official with the announcement of the first application, production site and official specifications.

    Although it is no surprise by now that Chrysler planned to bring a new V6 to market to replace seven existing V6 engines, Chrysler officially celebrated the launch of the new V6 today at the Trenton, Michigan, South Engine Plant, one of the locations where it will be produced.

    Aside from the obvious competitive advantages of having a newer, more powerful and more efficient V6 offering, Chrysler will also see substantial savings by reducing production and support costs from seven different V6 engines, to a single V6 engine in their New Pentastar 3.6-liter V6. The economies of scale savings will help to improve Chrysler’s bottom line, allowing for greater profit margins and expanded development budgets.

    “The Pentastar engine is a cornerstone of Chrysler’s efforts to re-invent its business model with strong, brand-focused, world-class quality products,” said Scott Garberding, head of manufacturing, Chrysler Group LLC.

    The all-new Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 is flex-fuel capable, utilizes direct-injection and Fiat-sourced Multiair technology – making it the most advanced engine in the company’s history. The Pentastar will also be utilized in combination with turbocharging for added output, allowing for the replacement of larger displacement engines that are less fuel-efficient. Chrysler says that across the Chrysler, Ram, Jeep and Dodge lines the automaker will see a fuel-economy increase of over 25 percent.

    Chrysler had previously suggested that the Pentastar would result in gains of 8-11 percent in fuel economy compared to their existing and comparable V6 engines, suggesting that in order to achieve the 25 percent increase they must be intending to replace V8 engines as well – likely with a turbocharged Pentastar. Expect to see the turbocharged unit appear in large trucks or SUVs.

    The first application of this engine will be in the all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, producing 280 horsepower and 260 lb-ft in that application. The all-new 2011 Grand Cherokee is due out in the second quarter of 2010.
  2. HAHAHA, they had seven different V6es... retards.
  3. I remember when they didn't even have one, so they used the Mitsubishi v6
  4. low on power compared to the competition...but it's Chrysler after all.
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    Not really (compared to toyota 3.5 etc).. and this is only the 3.6. There is still the whole line to come. These engines are also supposed to be cheaper and lighter, at least more so than GM. Toyota can make their engines rather cheap, they even have proprietary rights with vendors on casting methods.
  6. My thoughts as well. No wonder they needed to get bailed out.
  7. 7 engines is LOL... But are they planning on replacing their Jeep and truck V6s with this? If so that could be kinda sketchy. 7 is insane, but a truck engine and a car engine only makes since. They're such different applications. I'm sure they'll at least want a higher displacement, torqueier version for their trucks.
  8. h8 chryslers. all their cars are availble with 2 different 4 cylinders and 3 different v6s..
  9. oh and they all #$%#ing suck
  10. Chryslolers
  12. SAAB > Chrysler
  13. N E G A T I V E
  14. U R A G A Y
  16. It depends on what era.
  17. I very much doubt there is much FIAT tech in the engine, considering the development was well underway while Chrysler was still owned by Daimler.
  18. I wouldn't mind seeing those numbers in the 300's but yeah, about time Chrysler got their shit together....
  19. My thought too.
  20. Chrysler should know its customers by now. All those 300's, they should put v6 crap engines in them, but keep a loud exhaust and the hemi badge, people will still buy them.
  21. lulz @ ChrysL0Lers only good cars are/were a track day special and a Mercedes
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  24. The truck v6 was a 3.7, not much different.

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