Civic Killer

Discussion in '1991 Nissan R90CP' started by DNiXoNs, Aug 9, 2002.

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    this mazda really rocks! But my version of it is still better!<!-- Signature -->
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    Civic killer it is not, but it'll grab a sizable chunk of honda's market share. I don't think it has the oomp to lay down a butt-whoopin on a civic si or anything with a b18 strapped in it but it probably handles as well as a honda and surely looks pretty decent too. The almost electron blue pearl paint job is a good start for this "civic mimicker"...
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    Can't match with the "Type R" Civic.
  4. In the pass two comparison test the Protege has been in in Car and Driver magazine it has won hands down; one test with the previous model(beat 10 others cars including the Civic) and one with the new MP3. It is obvious that the Protege is a lot better car than the Honda Civic. It looks 10 times better, is faster, and brakes better than any Civic. The new type R will be faster though, but who cares because it looks like a minivan! And if MPS is serious about the Protege it will probably get more than 150hp.
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    i hope for mazda's sake in the sport concept car market, you are right about the hp.
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    This car is screeming to be AWD!!! They have to make this AWD! Take the AWD from the old 323 or the Ford Focus. its the same engine!<!-- Signature -->
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    this thing can take the slalom course faster than the z06 and the 360 modena i think the hp coould be higher but hell i think itz just fine<!-- Signature -->
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    That protege will never smoke a Civic Si, or a CTR!!!its just got like, 75 hp per liter.<!-- Signature -->
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    yo, i hate to burst your bubble... but civics have the aftermarket support, and they have more horses. a Civic Si has 160 hp. 10 more. now granted these are non dyno tests so they can be complete BS. but anyways. yeah, you can call it a civic killer... im not gonna stop you. im just gonna laugh when you see Si printed on the back of a civic as it passes you up
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    good looking , period.<!-- Signature -->
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    It is a good bang for the buck car..with good handling and stopping power..with only least 180bhp would be fine.<!-- Signature -->
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    I'm not a crazy Civic Fan but I have to give it it's credit here. There's not a lot of same-class cars that can beat it in performance. Take the new Protege5 for example, the thing does 0-60 in 10 seconds. If you ask me, that's not that fast. I'm not sure if I would want to pull up to a Civic SiR or maybe even an Si for that matter, at a red light in an MPS or MP3...but who knows.<!-- Signature -->
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    Between this and a civic it will come down to the driver, plus this car handles better thant he civic. Also mazda is planning a 180hp version.

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