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  1. i love that front end an the way the wheels are set into the arches although i would like to see the performance times and it should be manual better times then.<!-- Signature -->
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    why does gm even bother. "slamming" a cheap family sedan (that isn't even offered with a stick) is not how you get people to buy cars. building cars people want to buy is a much better way. if they want to appeal to the youth/tuner market they should let a good car company (lets say toyota for argument sake) design the engine and underpinnings, then wrap the car in that cheap looking pontiac plastic (i don't know why, but this idea seems vaguely familiar) and hope to god that the sister car (lets call it T Matrix, or maybe Toyota M) is even uglier than there own.
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    I agree, like the Steinmetz Catera operation....

    But this isn't all bad. I like it.<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree about the wheels set into the wells it looks so cool. they should have a bit more hp and some type of a system and it would be a hot car for everyone....<!-- Signature -->
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    clever, but i think gm has dug themselves a hole with the malibu. i would never think of doing this to a malibu becuase it is a true family car. never the less it does look nice.

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