Coffee outside of Australia

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  1. Why is it often so gross?
    Whats with everyone using cream, creamers, and condensed milk instead of actual milk?
    Why is it so sweet?
  2. Where specifically?
  3. I drink tap coffee, you know the normal coffee of the poor (not instant I am not a labourer).
  4. Most notably - all of Asia, USA, Spain & Italy
  5. I dunno. Never had coffee in Australia, but usually here it's really bitter unless you ask for milk/sugar.

    Btw how was Indonesia?
  6. Amazing. A lot of people wanted to take photos with our baby which was pretty annoying, especially at Borobudur and Prambanan. It was hard to spend time taking our own photos and enjoy the place.
  7. Haha that's weird. But yeah...Asia
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  8. cafe sua da > all you pleb
  9. In North America it's because we are all highly addicted to corn syrup and sugar. it's in everything here. My european cousin came here and said our bread tasted like doughnuts. Very very sweet.
    He said the same about in the US. Everything is overwhelmingly sweetened.
    So if something isn't sweetened it's almost shocking to people here.

    edit: they can get away with using crap quality coffee beans because they know it's going to be filled with cream and tons of sugar.
  10. *in USA
  11. I was talking about Canada. but he said the same and actually a bit worse down there. but he said the biggest issues down there is portion size.
  12. The famous example is McDonald's drink sizes.
    US small is larger than Canada's Large.
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    Yeah know a few people who went to murica and had a friend studying in canadia land(st john's) and they all said it's really fucking hard to find "normal" bread. Almost everywhere you buy bread it tastes like candy.

    My experience is like this in Asia btw. It's always sweet no matter where you buy it.
  14. 1,3l JESUS how do you even drink that? Even 700ml wtf...
  15. I think our coffee is pretty good.
  16. What is worst is USA people double cuppin their coffee , as if it was any hot
  17. A tea spoon sugar per mug (1.5-2.0 dl). I have tried to use less, as I see myself as a bit sweets addict, although maybe not american level one.
  18. Same here, brown sugar
  19. Because no one likes your dank ass sand bread. :confused:
  20. Spain & Italy? Seriously how much acid did you take?
  21. I didn't even wanna bother replying but yeah...
  22. bread definitely doesn't need corn syrup in it.
  23. I had a "double gulp" from 7-11 in Chicago. 64 fl. oz. (1.82 litres)

    Apparently there's one twice as big, too. As near as makes no difference 1 US Gallon of soda.
  24. Stop ordering coffee with bullshit in it.
  25. Definitely Canada too, but nowhere near as bad.

    But back to coffee, I found coffee beans are even roasted differently to serve different pallets in North America (though there are obvious exceptions). They're almost over-roasted which perhaps explains why so much shit is added. But then again I'm a coffee snob and travel with my own filters/grinder/pourover thing/often beans...

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