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  1. srsly though, did you keep all the OEM parts?

    You may own a collector car, but it's worth nothing to a collector with the mods on.
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  3. I keep all my oem parts, but I am thinking about selling the stock wheels.
  4. M Coupes are worth just as much as comparable M Roadsters. They're a good deal but it's still a 15 year old BMW and the real money is in the '80s models.
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  6. I'll give you 20 dollars for them
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    First gen. Dodge Viper. I believe it can be a really good investment.

    For example, I'd feel comfortable buying this for 40k EUR. Perhaps negotiate down to 35k if possible.

    Wouldn't be surprised if prices in about 5 years can average 80-100k in Europe. Very rare very brutal.
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    I'd agree with that. same with the C4 ZR1 and Grand Sport Corvettes. though I think the Viper to go for for collectors purposes is the GTS hardtop as those drove far better than the early cars
  9. Yep, GTS is even rarer here. Prices cannot go any lower IMO. What about a yellow C5 Z06 (405hp)?

    Porsche 996 Turbo or 4S? There were quite a few sold though and looks really dated now. The 993s and 964s have really gone up in prices.
  10. they'll definately be worth something in the future.

    I think the 996 Turbo will be worth a rediculous amount in about 30ish years but for a different reason. I think that all the kids that grew up watching the movie cars will want the models used in that movie. I deal with alot of kids from that time line and they all seem to really like sally so I think that might be the car worth stupid money in the future.
  11. Hell yeah on the ZR1. It has collectible written all over it with the DOHC engine and the Lotus (or was it yamaha?) connection plus the cool dashboard

    E39 M5s have bottomed out already so thats another one to keep an eye on
  12. I believe the ZR1's engine was a Lotus *and* Mercury Marine connection.
  13. designed by Lotus built by Mercury Marine
  14. the E39 M5 will probably be the most collectable BMW from that era of cars (with the possible exception of the Z8).
  15. Was just in a garage that had like a dozen Vipers and a dozen Ford GTs. GTs are really going strong. Dude had some pretty special Vipers, too. Like one of the GT2s, a Daytona and a Competition Coupe.

    Datsun Zs are a hot ticket at the moment and are going to get crazy soon, I think.

    I think two Toyota FJ40s I shot are directly responsible for people thinking they're all worth a mint, too. Shot one that went for $80k+ one year and another that went for $100k+ the next. This year there were FOURTEEN of them at Barrett-Jackson. None that got anywhere near that number, but still...
  16. I would let them go for about 800, tires included.
  17. Agree on the Z8. That car did not get the respect it deserved when it came out due to a lack of performance, but now that everything from that era is eclipsed performance wise the Z8 is starting to be appreciated for its limited run and beautiful design.

    Same this will happen with the Alfa 8C
  18. Go back to the kiddie table

    This thread is for the grown ups
  19. out of the blue the $1500 e30 became extinct

    u cant find those #$%#ers for less than $4000
  20. I'll up the offer to 20 dollars and a slap in the face but I'll go no more.
  21. genuinely jealous of the GT2.

    seems the early 70s stuff is going up. can't wait til stuff from the late 70's gains momentum as for some strange reason I own alot of stuff from that time period.
  22. I'd agree with the 8C statement. for the same reason again in about 20 to 30 years time the Spykers will do the same sort of thing.
  23. Does that mean I can get a C4 ZR1 engine as an outboard motor?
  24. I'm sure someone used one for that.
  25. Oh yes, forgot about the Ford GT. Absolutely.

    The BMW Z8 seems that it's already appreciating in price.

    Also, late generation (read: last) manual Ferraris. The 360 manual, F430 (even rarer) or 612 will have a very special crowd. Wouldn't be surprised if in a few years they will be selling for a big premium against the F1 equiped models. Only possible exception would be the 355.

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